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CARMART.NG and a physical showroom is almost the same, the difference is you not playcalling seeing the car, but aside from that you can refer to CARMART.NG as your one-stop of all automotive place

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About Carmart Automotive®

We are Nigeria most ranked online car marketplace that offers trusted, reliable, and cost-effective and quality vehicles. We pride ourselves as an online platform that offers a state-of-the-art medium for sellers and buyers of all kinds of vehicles to trade directly with each other. For those interested in selling vehicles, we provide trusted buyers. For buyers, we give them a wide range of trusted automobile options to choose from. We have a community of car lovers while giving our users the best user experience.

About us

Our Mission

At www.carmart.ng, our aim is to become the most preferred platform for buying certified new and used vehicles. We created the platform to be user-friendly to allow our buyers navigate the website without stress.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the Price of Cars in Carmart.ng Real

    After seeing a 2010 Camry going for as low as 1m Naira, who wouldn’t be surprised? Or, is it the Keke that costs as low as 135,000 Naira? Well, to burst your bubbles, the prices are just the way they appear on the website. In most cases, buyers still bargain and get away with luxurious vehicles at unbelievable prices. I couldn’t believe my guts after purchasing a 2005 Toyota Corolla at 900,000 Naira from flash sales. I have gone on to own two more cars with less than a million Naira. Guess what, I make extra money by selling out the same car at a doubled price. With less than 500,000 Naira, two Bajaj three-wheel Keke is mine and I rent them weekly for money. It then suffices to say that I, on like many others, have turned Carmart into a vehicle flipping hub. Do you still wish to verify the prices of cars in Carmart deals being real from this Carmart Nigeria review? Oh yes, nothing fake comes out of the company.

  • One of the few truly genuine things available in Nigeria is Carmart itself. Its outlets around Nigeria are the best places you ought to experience. If this is yet to answer your question, then I’ll add more to it. Carmart.ng has a company goal and the goal is to become the most reliable and flexible of all car vendors. Fortunately, the company extends its vision to the Nigerian market. And this only means helping multitudes to own car and to sell cars with ease. Every car outlet is built on authenticity, trustworthiness, warranty, and excellence. On this note, whether Car mart Lagos Nigeria or wherever, the Carmart vehicle sale outlet is not just genuine, but trustworthy.

  • Carmart.ng is a very reliable site for cars in Nigeria. It’s not so easy to attract thousands of buyers and sellers in a company daily. This is the case of Carmart and it is largely due to the company’s integrity long before now. That’s why they’ve been able to make names in top places like Car mart Lagos Nigeria. On the website, scroll towards the bottom to find the company’s policy on a scam. Check on the link titled ‘anti-scam’ and click on it. The company’s concern towards its users is so incredible and such that they offer free coaching to curb scams. Not many websites do this because they’re either not aware of scammers or do not put their customers’ interest first. Moreover, Carmart is available in over 100 cities across Nigeria. This further contributes to the fact that the company is all about realness and reliability. They are also a recognized institution in Nigeria and have not been reported as scammers by any agency in Nigeria. And as you may have known, scam companies are often immediately dug out, exposed and expelled from Nigeria.