A battle has been going on between the big boys of Abuja and those of Lagos, and it looks like it is entering a new level as Ola of Lagos accepts the challenge. 

Earlier this week, after a last week’s car cruise between the boys of Abuja and Lagos, it was announced that Abuja took home 10 points while Lagos went home with 0 points. Why, you might ask? 

Information gathered from car enthusiasts presents during the cruise note that while Abuja boys showed up in their expensive BMW cars and other hyper-luxury cars, Lagos boys only showed up to the cruise with Lexus and Mercedes GLK. 

Lagos car enthusiasts have tried to explain to the big boys of Abuja that only the boys in Lagos showed up because the men are always hustling on weekdays. All effort made to explain things to Abuja boys has failed as they believe Abuja has more luxury cars than Lagos.

In a recent Instagram post on @abujacars, the Instagram handler shared videos from different cruises in Abuja and how the boys in Abuja have always shown up with their luxury rides. He captioned the post: “Lagos People: we have more cars! Abuja people: shut up are you sure?” 

Well, the big boys in Lagos are not taking this lightly as Ola of Lagos has accepted the challenge telling the account: “You invited both men and boys…I invited just boys but no worry we don enter competition like this…una don find wahala.”

From the looks of things, it looks like there’ll be round 2 of a car cruise between Abuja and Lagos car enthusiasts, and the battle just got even more interesting. Who do you think will win? 

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