“You Can’t Drive With Foreign Driver’s License In Nigeria” Nigerian Police Officer Reminds Everyone

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Recently, the Nigerian police officer, Aliyu Giwa, mostly known for sharing helpful information from the Nigerian constitution, reminded the general public that it’s a punishable offence to drive in Nigeria using a foreign driver’s license.

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On Twitter, he tweeted, “Section 82 of the Road Traffic Regulation 2012 states, A person shall not use a foreign driving license to drive any vehicle in Nigeria.”

While this has been a good reminder for many Nigerians with foreign driving licenses and foreigners in Nigeria, it has also sparked an ongoing debate on Twitter.

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One comment said,

“Did you know that you can use our(Nigerian) driver’s license to drive for six months in the Western world, even hire a car upon arrival in those countries?”

Another comment replied, “Very true, and in a place like the UK, the provisional driver’s license is for 10 years. You only change the permanent one if it’s lost or at a certain age because of physical changes to your features.”

A Twitter account named MaiYaki countered the post saying,

“the truth is foreign driver’s license is far better than Nigeria licenses. The Nigerian Government (Road Safety, VIO, Board of Revenues) are just busy generating funds without ensuring the person seeking license is thoroughly learning the things he/she needs to know.”

However, the post intended to remind the public that using a foreign driver’s license in Nigeria is unconstitutional and might result in penalties.

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