Wizkid’s Early Days: A Rare Video Of Wizkid In His First Ever Open Roof Car Hits The Internet

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Every once in a while, something interesting finds its way to the internet, and everyone spends time dissecting it all around. This week, it’s the lifestyle of Wizkid in his earliest career days. In a video that recently surfaced on the internet and every social media angle, it’s Wizkid in his first-ever open roof car.

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Although sources note that this was his fourth car after fame, from the video, you could see the Grammy award-winning Starboy smiling during an interview as he showed off his latest whip to OAPs.  Something about watching Wizkid’s video from his earliest days seems both nostalgic and motivating for fans and viewers. 

For Starboy, his story has been one of from grass to grace which is probably what has kept his fans with him after all these years. For Wizkid, his career progress hasn’t been an overnight success. It has taken practice, hard work, and grit to get him here. 

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Today, he owns some of the top model cars and has over 7.3 Billion Naira. Indeed, he has done well for himself for someone who only had dreams and a will to succeed when he set off to pursue his music career. 

Wizkid’s Early Life

Unlike other famous artists in his field, Wizkid did not start off like them. Starting his career and getting to where he is today has been an act of perseverance and a stubborn belief in his greatness. Perhaps, this is one reason he is so loved by fans.

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