A Nigerian Woman has done what seems like the cutest and most thoughtful thing, especially considering the state of things in the country. She showed up at her husband’s office carrying 50 litres of petrol for his vehicle, and her husband could not contain his joy.

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The overjoyed husband took to social media to thank his wife for her thoughtful gift and love. The couple has been married for 28 years (4 years of dating and 24 years of marriage).

The husband is the CEO of Rivers State Tourism Development Agency (RSTDA), Yibo Koko. He shared a picture of her on his LinkedIn page, expressing how his wife came by his office carrying 50 litres of fuel.

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My dear wife came to my office yesterday and surprised me with a gift of 50 liters of petrol(gasoline).
When I think of the almost non availability of petrol in lagos, the deserted filling stations, the unending queues, the fight and struggle to get into any of the stations selling petrol, I can’t begin to express my profound appreciation and gratitude to my wife for this highly inflammable gift of love.
As I gleefully approached to give her a hug in appreciation for my gift, she matter-of-factly told me to monetize the hug.
I told her to simmer down
and remember the 60 tubers of yam I paid as bride price for her hand in marriage.
Then she queried to know what 60 tubers of yam had to do with monetizing the hug, that after all she dated me for 4 years and this year will make it 24 years since we’ve been married, therefore, she’s been with me for 28 years and if I don’t behave myself she will take back her 50 litters of petrol and return the 60 tubers of yam.

I have not only monetized the hug, I have also declared that I will buy her a petrol station as gift on our 24th wedding anniversary.

Considering the level of fuel scarcity and the price of available fuel in the country. The man seemed extremely happy. He also noted that his wife demanded money in exchange for the hug he wanted to give her. He noted that he did not only monetize the hug but vowed to buy her a petrol station as a gift on their 24th wedding anniversary.

Many Nigerians reacted to his LinkedIn post by saying:

“Honestly, a monetised hug is better than just a hug! Seriously, it is a shame that a nation so blessed with oil and gas can’t meet the needs of its citizen with the refined products. Our leaders should cover their faces in shame that over 60 years after independence, we still live in darkness and can’t refine enough gasoline for our citizen. I’ve lived in Canada for some years now and have never seen a queue to buy gas!”

“Wise woman and smart husband. I have a solar farm I can donate to you for free to give to madam. My old snake farm, now converted to a solar farm. She will reallty like it as a birthday gift. From same farm, I will give you additional 60 tubbers of yam for her people. Call me now and pick the two items up.”

“Dear future hubby kindly locate me. I will bring the petrol station to your office oooo….”

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