It may or may not be a problem if your check engine light comes on after you’ve been through a car wash. Some dampness might have set off the check engine light. It’s possible that water entered the engine, causing costly damage to essential pipelines and wires.

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An everyday opponent is water damage. Since the creation of the automobile, automakers have been creating novel strategies to shield their automobiles from moisture.

Nevertheless, there are situations when the equipment we use to keep our cars clean actually ends up harming them.

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Here are some typical problems that develop after going to the car wash.

  • The car’s seal was improperly applied by the manufacturer

Car manufacturers frequently experience problems with their products. Scandals involving Ford, Lexus, and Mercedes-Benz in recent years have involved subpar navigational systems, subpar software, and problems with the brake system.

So, it is not unreasonable to assume that your car’s maker did not adequately secure and safeguard it from water damage. Or perhaps they did, but quality control missed an error that resulted in the product being shipped out.

Moreover, older vehicles will have more openings and gaps than contemporary vehicles. Water is easily able to enter the cracks and influence the systems.

  • The air intake system contains water

You can experience more water problems than other drivers if your car’s air intake system is located near the bottom of the car.

When the engine is running, vehicles with mass air flow sensors inside the fuel injectors can stop an excessive amount of air from entering the cylinders. The amount of fuel injected into each cylinder is controlled by the air intake or mass sensors.

The heat from the engine should cause any little amounts of water to evaporate if they are present in the air intake system.  Get a professional to remove the air and any mould or filth that may have grown if there is a substantial amount of water in the air intake system.

  • Damaged sensors were found in and around the engine

Water can enter the main engine compartment and the area around the battery in a number of different ways. In the event that your car is unintentionally submerged in water, the battery may be harmed by water seeping in from all sides and underneath.

Also, the hood might not shield the automobile from water damage, particularly if the spray is slanted, as it might be during a car wash. It’s possible that other dirt, grime, and debris that found their way into the apartment would mix with the water when it seeps into the engine compartment.

These sluggish substances may combine and harm the battery or the engine. The sensors can be harmed by moisture and dirt. The sensors must operate properly for the internal monitoring system of a vehicle to identify problems.

Yet, a damaged sensor is problematic since the computer system of the car cannot receive data from it with accuracy. The check engine light will illuminate if a sensor near the engine is damaged.

  • You have a failing catalytic converter

One of the worst things that can happen after going to the vehicle wash is this. Your car’s catalytic converter is a component that lessens the number of emissions and smog it produces when the engine is running.

Your check engine light and a few other warning lights will come on if there is a problem with the catalytic converter.

If your fuel economy dramatically decreases, your engine frequently misfires, and you hear rattling coming from the engine, the catalytic converter may be the true issue. It is expensive to replace a catalytic converter and you always have to think of the extra workmanship of the mechanic. 

What to do if the check engine light comes on

Never drive with the check engine light on and continue to move forward. Many people choose to ignore their check engine lights, which causes the issue to worsen. Ask your mechanic to check the check engine light at a routine maintenance appointment. To determine why the engine light is on, they will use their diagnostic equipment. Inform them you recently washed your car so they may check it for moisture damage when they service it.

Despite having the check engine light examined, it still comes on. If the check engine light illuminates every day, there may be a problem with the check engine light itself. Wiring can occasionally sustain damage from moisture or abrupt motions. Therefore, ask your mechanic to inspect the dashboard lighting system to see whether the wire ring or check engine light fuse has blown out.


It’s possible that your car will have some problems after going through the car wash. Water frequently makes its way into the air intake system. Using the diagnostic codes is the best and simplest way to identify any problems that are occurring in the car and causing the check engine light to come on. Your mechanic can examine the diagnostic codes to determine which components of the car aren’t working properly.

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