Have you ever noticed that the air conditioner in your automobile blows heated air rather than cold air? Are you concerned that the AC in your car won’t function properly again? Are you irritated and seeking a quick fix because your car’s air conditioner isn’t blowing chilly air? You are on the appropriate page if the answers to all the aforementioned questions are yes.

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And the reason we are saying this is because we’ll address some of the most frequently asked topics on the internet in this thorough guide, like why my car’s air conditioner isn’t blowing hot air and how to make the air conditioner colder in a car.

A car air conditioner is a machine, and just like other machines, it occasionally develops faults or flaws.

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Also, because the components of a car’s air conditioning system differ from those of a typical house air conditioner, it is not always feasible to pinpoint the exact location of the problem or know what to do when you encounter a fault.

So, understanding how a car’s air conditioning operates and what to do if it suddenly starts spewing hot air instead of cold is crucial. Everyone who owns an automobile should prioritise it (if they are regular users of the cooling system).

Hopefully, this comprehensive guide will assist you in learning how to fix a car air conditioner that is blowing hot air instead of cool air and in discovering all the answers to these crucial issues. Just read on until the end to learn about all of the options.

Some of the most significant causes of hot air blowing out of the car air conditioner are listed below. Consider the following potential causes if your car’s air conditioner stops blowing cold air after a while:

  • A refrigerant leak has occurred

Your car may not be blowing hot air for a number of reasons, one of which is a refrigerant leak. The refrigerant, which makes sure the AC blows cold air rather than hot, is the most important part of the automotive AC system. So, a refrigerant leak in the car’s cooling system could be the cause of the AC blowing hot air.

When there is a leak, there won’t be enough refrigerant in the cooling system, which will make it difficult for the cooling process to function properly. However, despite the fact that it is a significant cause of warm air coming from the car AC, typical car owners have a difficult time noticing it.

If you can’t find the refrigerant leak in the first place, how can you fix a car air conditioner that is blowing hot air as a result? Just take it to the mechanic. 

  • The condenser is jammed, blocked, or damaged

If your car blows hot air when the AC is on, you should investigate all the plausible causes of the problem. A blocked or damaged condenser is one of the common causes of automotive air conditioning producing hot air instead of cool air.

The condenser is typically located close to the grille on the front side of cars so that it can utilise the airflow to cool the refrigerant while the car is being driven. So, it is possible that the car AC’s cooling ability could be compromised, resulting in the blowing of hot air if a certain amount of debris or dust particles block the condenser’s passage.

Contrary to finding refrigerant leaks in a car cooling system, finding a clogged condenser is relatively simple for anyone to do. Moreover, it is simpler to remove the trash. You can take care of it yourself, or if for some reason you feel unable to remove the debris, you can take it to a mechanic who will take care of it for a reasonable amount.

Following the removal of the debris or dirt, you must also look for any potential damage to the condenser that may have resulted from such obstructions so that it can be fixed as well.

  • Electrification system issues

If you discover that your car’s air conditioner is blowing hot air, there may be an issue with the electrical system of the air conditioner. The electrical system is in charge of moving the refrigerant across the cooling system, ensuring that the car air conditioner blows cold air rather than hot air.

As a result, you should give the automobile electrical system more thought if you discover that it isn’t functioning properly or that your car’s air conditioner is spewing hot air.

There are several different electrical parts that operate the entire AC system, and one minor damage can lead to the shutting down of the entire system so that any kind of short circuit or misfire issue can be prevented.

But it is not always possible to detect electrical system issues by yourself. So, it is advised that if you do not find any other valid reason to blame for the car’s AC blowing hot air, consider taking the car to a mechanic to check the electrical issues.

They can’t only detect the problem but will evidently take turns solving it too! The cost of the repair depends on the extent of the problem.

  • Clogged or Dirty Cabin Air Filter

If you notice the car AC stops blowing cold air after a while of running, you may well think there is a problem with the cabin air filter of the cooling system.

Though it is not always the case that all cars have cabin air filters, the ones that do need to know that when the cabin air filter is clogged or dirty, it can block the pathway of the cold air throughout the cooling system, leading to the blowing of air from the car AC.

The main purpose of the cabin air filter is to purify the air and let it pass through the cooling system without any obstructions. But when the filter itself is filled with debris, such as dust particles, bugs, leaves, and dirt of other types, you cannot expect it to function properly.

So, you need to keep in mind that the cabin air filter must not be dirty or clogged. And for that, you have to constantly keep cleaning it after every ride or once a week or so.

If the filter is not kept clean regularly and the debris remains stuck in it, not only will it lead to the blowing of hot air from the system, but in the long run, it will affect the entire cooling system negatively.

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