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Why You Should Not Buy Toyota Hilux, Buy IVM Granite

Innoson Motors has a new car in the market that competes favourably with the Toyota Hilux. The interesting part is that the vehicle stands out better than the Toyota Hilux. While the Hilux already has the name and popularity, the IVM Granite is still relatively new in the market. But that does not mean it’s not great competition for the Hilux.

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Innoson Motors IVM Granite
Innoson Motors IVM Granite

Having gone through all its features, we conclude that the IVM Granite is better than the Hilux. Here are things to know about the vehicle and why you should go after it instead.

Overview Of The IVM Granite

Overview Of The IVM Granite
Overview Of The IVM Granite

With the nature of Nigerian roads, the IVM Granite is built to navigate the roughest roads, which makes it a great offroading vehicle. The vehicle has a solid performance, a strong build, and an appealing design. Basically, Innoson Motors built this truck to compete with the Toyota Hilux in every way possible. If you don’t pay close attention, you might think it’s the Hilux.

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Engine, Power & Performance Of The IVM Granite

In the IVM Granite, the standard 4G69S4N 2.4-litre engine produces 100kW of power and maximum torque of 340 Nm at 3800 rpm. The vehicle has amazing engine features, which include high reliability, low fuel consumption, and low emission; it is also available in the electronic mobiliser, which enhances vehicle security. The truck’s engine is mated to a 6-speed manual transmission.

The Interior Design Features Of The IVM Granite

Innoson Motors IVM Granite Interior
Innoson Motors IVM Granite Interior

Inside the IVM Granite, you’ll find ergonomic seats that relax the human body. There are dual airbags that feature power-controlled seatbelts and a sedan-style interior which is also added to the Granite. The truck has high-performance air conditioning, which keeps the atmosphere of the truck cool even while on an offroad journey.

The ABS + EBD Technology In The IVM Granite

There’s a standard ABS + EBD technology in the truck that provides ultimate control of the braking force of each wheel. It is handy in dangerous situations such as emergency braking, sharp turns, and slippery ice. Driving inside this IVM Granite is safer and more secure with sophisticated engine torque protection.

Why You Should Buy The IVM Granite Instead Of The Toyota Hilux

You wonder why the IVM Granite is better than the Toyota Hilux. Here are the reasons;

  • It possesses the best modern-day tech features in a truck of its category
  • It is a better offroading vehicle than the Hilux
  • The truck has great speed and power capacity
  • It is more affordable than the Toyota Hilux

Price Of The IVM Granite In The Nigerian Market

For only ₦1‎9,000,000, you will get the IVM Granite truck. That’s a lesser price than the Toyota Hilux 2022, which ranges between ₦‎30,000,000 and ₦‎32,000,000. You won’t regret the purchase as the IVM Granite is equipped with the best performance features you’ll still get from the Hilux. So, why not get that same quality at a lesser price?


The Toyota Hilux is a great truck on its right. However, the IVM Granite was designed to compete with it on every side and at a relatively cheaper cost. So, whatever you can get in a Hilux, you’ll get in the IVM Granite and also cheaper.

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