Your car requires a battery to function, much as humans need their brains and heart to keep their bodies alive. Your battery helps you by providing the automobile with the overall electrical power necessary to move. As obvious as it may seem, most car owners rarely take care of the battery after purchasing a vehicle and only check to see if one is present once it begins to exhibit signs of failure.

This is not a responsible method to handle automotive batteries. It is the last resort to change your car’s battery. Most individuals are unaware that after installation, your automobile battery can still be serviced. You don’t necessarily have to wait until your car battery is beyond saving before changing it. The life of your car depends greatly on the condition of the battery.

Although it is often the case, car batteries do not always have a lengthy lifespan. Professionals advise replacing a car battery every four to five years, depending on a variety of criteria, including the car battery voltage, mileage coverage, and more. If you own a car or are considering buying one, you should be aware of the benefits of having your battery serviced because it will help it last longer. Some significant justifications for getting a car battery serviced are as follows:

 Troubleshooting Issues

To avoid troubleshooting, you should have your automobile battery serviced. Your car being difficult to start is the simplest sign that your car battery is not working properly. Your battery is probably the cause of your car’s engine starting hard, starting slowly, or not starting at all.

Unusual Behaviour

If you do not regularly service your car battery, then be ready to see your car stop mid-trip. It may also start normally one day but struggle to start the next. You may also make sure it doesn’t happen by charging your automobile battery.

Good Cables

The cables are checked while performing car battery maintenance. Because the wires are plugged directly into the automobile battery, when you have a loose or frayed cable, your car will start up irregularly.

No persistent problems It’s crucial to get your car’s battery serviced in order to prevent recurring problems with your vehicle. Sometimes all a car battery needs to get going is a jump start, but if you find yourself often needing jump starts, your battery may be having issues. Check it out immediately. 

Avoiding technical and technological problems

You should have routine car battery maintenance. By doing this, you can steer clear of issues with your car’s electrical systems. The headlamp, dashboard, sound system, auto lights, and so on are examples of electrical components. 

For automated vehicles, there is a potential that your battery is not powerful enough to function if your windows are difficult to roll up or down or do not work at all. In situations like this, the health of your automobile battery is already declining and requires immediate attention.

How to Buy a Genuine Car Battery

You will still have to choose between a sizable number of car battery brands while looking for a new or used battery, aside from the obvious concern that you don’t want to be cheated in the market. In order to assist you in making the best decisions, we are here to inform you and increase your understanding of car batteries.

  • Some expert technicians have advised that no brand is directly superior to the other just by name, as there are many car battery brands all over the auto parts market in Nigeria.
  • A car battery that costs more does not necessarily have a higher capacity than some others that are less expensive. Instead, even though it’s less expensive, a car battery with a bigger capacity might be of higher quality.
  • Never base your assessment of a car battery’s actual capacity on a salesperson’s pitch. As an alternative, request a battery tester and use it to independently test the battery you are purchasing, or ask the shop’s technician to perform the test for you.
  • Most current battery testers are designed to serve two functions: reading the charging capacity of any car battery as well as determining the precise quantity of charge that is present in a new or fully charged car battery. This “charging capacity” refers to a battery’s capacity to store or maintain a charge while the engine is running and the alternator in the car is in good working order. Before you finalise the transaction, it is crucial and, in fact, the main reason why you should demand that the seller test any new or used car batteries in front of you using a battery tester in good working order.
  • Do not purchase a battery if the battery tester reveals that the measured battery capacity is less than 500. However, if the tested capacity you see on the tester’s screen is greater than 600, please go forward without asking any further questions.
  • It is advised that you avoid purchasing second-hand automobile batteries. Given that used car, batteries are typically less expensive than new ones, this may be the tip or advice that you find most difficult to follow. The only exception, however, is if you are certain that the battery hasn’t been used for too long and you know exactly when the seller purchased it, in which case you can get it tested and save money. 
  • The battery should not be purchased, even if it is absurdly cheaper than new ones if you are unable to determine how long it has been used. Otherwise, you risk spending more money on charging and recharging the used battery until you become frustrated and throw it away.


To guarantee that your battery is properly cared for, appropriate automobile battery installation, replacement, and change are essential. Don’t forgo it because it is one of the most important services you can do for your car. 

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