There are various safety features embedded into the make-up of a car, one of these safety features is the Seat Belt. A seat belt, also called a safety belt is crafted to secure the driver or a passenger of a car against harmful movement that may result during a collision or a sudden stop. According to Physics, when you get behind the wheels and turn on the ignition to get in motion, you as well as the passengers are driving at the same speed as the car, hence, if the car suddenly stops or crashes into something; you and the passengers continue in the same speed the car was before it stopped. Thus, a seat belt when used helps to supply an opposing force that keeps you and the passengers in position against a crash.

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A Brief History On Seat Belt

The seat belt was originally created to be used in airplanes to keep pilots safe in the air. The first seat belt was invented by Sir George Cayley in the late 1800s to keep pilots safe in their gliders. However, few years after that, in 1885, an American named Edward J Claghorn patented the first seat belt to be used in New York taxis.

Since then onwards, seat belts have become one of the most essential safety features to be inbuilt in all cars.

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How To Use Your Car Seat Belts

The seat belts are usually located very close to your seats. You will easily find it anchored by the side. Follow these simple steps to securely strap yourself with your seat belts:

  1. Position yourself properly by siting upright with your back against the seat back and your hips all the way back in the seat.
  2. Pull the shoulder strap of the seat belt across your body, towards your hip on the opposite side as the arm you used to pull the seat belt from the metal latch.
  3. Locate the seat belt buckle and ensure the slotted top end is pointed upwards with the release button. Firmly insert the seat belt.
  4. Adjust yourself such that the seat belt is firmly positioned across your body.
  5. If loose, ensure to tighten the seat belts around your hip area.

Myths Around Not Using A Seat Belt

importance of wearing seat belt
importance of wearing seat belt

Before we delve into why using your seat belts are very important, let’s begin with myths or excuses people give for not using their seat belts.

Seat belts are uncomfortable

Truth is, seat belts were not originally designed to give you comfort, they were made for your safety. However, seat belts are adjustable to ensure you get at least a measure of comfort when using it.

Seat belts are only needed for long trips

Accidents or collisions is no respecter of distance, whether long or short trip, seat belts are meant to be used to keep you safe from accidents. A survey records that about 50% of accidents occur within 25miles from home.

Seat belts keeps one trapped in an accident

Nothing could be farther from the truth. It takes less than 30 second to unstrap yourself from your car’s seat belt. The seat belts protect you more than it does you damage.

Skillful drivers don’t need seat belts

Remember that you are not the only driver on the road. Even if you are the best driver ever to walk the earth, the driver next to you may not be as skillful, the other may even be drunk, distracted or drowsy. Hence, for your own safety, a seat belt is paramount.

Seat belts waste my time to buckle up.

It takes less time to strap in your seat belts than it takes for you to tie the lace of your shoes. It would be costlier if you can’t spare the few seconds it would require for you to properly strap in your seat belts.

Since I have airbags, I don’t need a seat belt

Airbags have their unique function, so does the seatbelt. Together with the seat belts, you stand a better chance of surviving a crash.

Why Wearing Your Seatbelt Is Important

Reduces The Impacts Of Crashes And Accidents

In cases of accidents that would have led to serious bodily damages or even deaths, wearing a seat belt has a way of reducing the impact of the car crash due to the opposing force the seat belts supplies. Most times, you just escape with minor bruises and injuries.

Protects You Car Insurance

You might not be able to have access to the full claim of your insurance when damages happen to you and your car if you are not wearing a seatbelt. Hence, to ensure full reimbursement, ensure to use your seat belts.

Keeps You From Unnecessary Harassment From Law Authorities

According to the law, you are required to use your seat belts always. In some states in Nigeria, such as Lagos, Ibadan, Port Harcourt, not using a seat belt attracts fines and harassment from the police. You can save yourself from this by using your seat belts.

Protects Your Organs

In the case of an accident, using a seat belt helps to protect you from brain injury and spinal cord damage.

Keeps You In Position

Rather than be imbalanced or insecured during driving, using a seat belt keeps you firm and in position.

Now that you know the importance of using a seat belt, ensure you stay buckled up!

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