Why Toyota Cars Sale More In Nigeria Than Other Car Brands

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Having a car in Nigeria is a big deal, thanks to the incredibly terrible transport system and the bad policies controlling them.

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Not to speak of the governments who often lay back or bombard us with terrible transport policies which can hardly solve the transportation issue in the country.

Hence, most Nigerian resort to owning their cars to help them commute better, rather than rely on the already faulty transport system in the country.

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While dreaming of owning a car, the kind that would fit the Nigerian road always comes to mind and also, one that would be pocket-friendly, which makes Toyota a more preferred car being used by Nigerians.

With its wide range of different models from Camry, Corolla, Rav4, Avensis, Prado and much more, one would fall in love with the makers.

Hitting the road, the fleet of Toyota cars you would see on the highway is enough to convince you that Nigerians love their Toyota cars.

Below are some reasons why Toyota cars sell more in Nigeria than other brands;

1)    Good Quality Over A Long Time

According to history, Toyota products are as old as the Nigerian society. Since its inception into the Nigerian market in 1965, Toyota has consistently produced high-quality and durable cars that fit the Nigerian road and her pocket-friendly, plus great features that speak comfort, excellence, speed, and durability.

Toyota car engines are designed ranging from Flat-Twin or Flat-Four, 1961-U to Straight 4- 2018 M20A DOHC and several other engine types, with great accuracy which keeps and gives the car the long life it enjoys plus the satisfaction derived when you rock the ride.

2)    Great Resale Value

Aside from her increasingly great quality, Toyota has an amazing resale value. Most Nigerian car dealers and buyers would rather quickly opt for a Foreign/Nigerian used Toyota product than any other brand, thanks to its durability and long life span.

It has been confirmed by car dealers that it’s far way easier to resale a Toyota-used product than any other car because it is believed that a well-used Toyota product can still serve the buyer another few years before developing a breakdown that needs major repair.

3)    Easy-To-Get Spare Parts

With the population of Toyota products in Nigeria, it’s easier to replace a broken, damaged or stolen part of the car with little or no stress and at a reasonably cheap price.

Most spare part dealers would rather stock their shops with parts of Toyota cars than any other because for them, it’s the easiest to sell, hence they can quickly generate their profit in return.

4)    Easy Mechanical Repair

The inseparable union between Nigerians and Toyota cars has made a large number of Automobile engineers focus more on acquitting themselves with the car, hence learning how to repair its parts.

5)    Uber Recommendation

America established a transport system, popularly known as Uber during its recruitment of drivers and their cars, the organization gave preference to Toyota cars, saying it’s their best choice when it comes to cars they would love to allow work under them. 

Toyota cars are not just loved by their Nigerians, they are one of the few brands that build cars with their specification to fit the Nigerian market which makes them one of the best-selling cars in the country.

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