The Mercedes-Benz car brand is one of the top car manufacturing companies, with many people wanting to own one of their cars. In Nigeria, it is the dream of so many Nigerians to own a Benz. In fact, it has gotten to the point where owning a Benz is a wealth maker for some people in Nigeria.

Mercedes-Benz C300
Mercedes-Benz C300

While all Benz cars are dream cars, a particular Mercedes-Benz has had many Nigerian youths in a chokehold. It’s no other than the Mercedes-Benz W204 C300. This article shares everything you need to know about this car.

Why Every Nigerian Youth Wants To Own This Mercedes-Benz C300

Mercedes-Benz W204 C300 in nigeria
Mercedes-Benz W204 C300 in nigeria

There are several reasons why almost every Nigerian youth wants the C-class C300. Below are some significant reasons why it has become a dream car for many Nigerian youths.

  1. It Has An Intimidating Look

The C300 is one of Mercedes’s “low-budget” cars the brand beautifully designed. It comes with a curvy structure achieved through the line that runs from the front of the vehicle to the back. On its own, the car is a compact entry-level sedan and attracts attention everywhere.

  1. It Has An Upscale Interior

This is one of the major winning points of the W204 C300. Mercedes ensured that the car was designed with a beautiful and high-quality interior. You’ll first realise how well the company planned the car’s interior, giving users a worthwhile experience.

The car’s steering is well positioned to call the driver’s attention, the infotainment is positioned correctly, and Bluetooth and phone connectivity are installed in the car. But, one of the challenges of this car’s interior is that the backseats are so tiny for passengers.

  1. It Has The Same Driving Feature Of Every Mercedes

One of the main things Mercedes cars are known for is that it has enough power to push, combined with handling. Once you’re driving at high speed, the car won’t throw you off the road; it gains more stability even at high speed.

It uses a V6 engine with 220 horsepower with a quick 6-speed transmission.

  1. It Is Very Easy To Give A Facelift

Young people are drawn to cars they can easily give a facelift to look like newer model cars. With this car, you can easily tweak the look of your C300. Areas you can easily give a facelift are the bumper, bonnet, and other areas you want to change.

  1. It Has A High Resale Value

With the way Nigerians love Mercedes, it’s sure to have a high resale value. You can easily resale the car to upgrade to a newer version of Benz. With this, it’s very scarce to find it in any car dealership. There’s always an available market for it, even if the body of the car is not in good shape.

  1. It’s Affordable

The affordability of this car is practically one of the main reasons why it’s sought-after primarily by Nigerian youths. With a limited budget, you can afford the C300 and become a member of the Benz association in Nigeria.

Challenges Of Buying The Mercedes-Benz C300 In Nigeria

Challenges Of Buying The Mercedes-Benz C300 In Nigeria
Challenges Of Buying The Mercedes-Benz C300 In Nigeria

While there are many good reasons why Nigerian youths love this car, below are some challenges owning it in Nigeria will cause you.

  • It Attracts Attention: People driving this car are often regarded as wealthy. When driving this car as a young Nigerian, there might be more chances of being stopped for questioning by the police.
  • Expensive Car Parts: Replacing any broken car parts of the C300 is quite pricey, making owning it difficult. Since people that drive cars are regarded as wealthy, car parts sellers immediately increase their prices.
  • The Interior Painting Peels: You will realise that after some time of owning this car, the interior painting starts peeling, making the car interior ugly.
  • The Car Is Close To The Ground: If you’re driving it on Nigerian roads, you’ll constantly experience the car touching the ground, which subsequently ruins the car’s floorboard. So, if you’re getting ready to buy it, you need to take note of this.

How Much Does It Take To Maintain The Mercedes C300?

This car costs 4-7 million Naira for the Tokunbo, and the used one starts from 2.7-5 million Naira.

Before buying the car, make sure you’ve carried a specialised Benz car mechanic to the dealership to check the car. The mechanic will check if the car is durable or has several issues you’ll need to avoid.


Many Nigerian youths today are going after the C300 because of the vibe of owning and driving it around. It’s a beautiful car to own but look at the pros and cons before purchasing.

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