Tesla can be said to be the flagship of electric cars across the world. Whenever electric cars are mentioned, Tesla is the first to come to mind apart from any other, and obviously, there is a reason for this. Apart from it being owned by Elon Musk, it deserves the right to be considered such because no other electric car can currently compete with it. Should we say the Tesla is on a pedestal of its own?

The Tesla Model Y is one of the most popular electric cars in the world, and this is not just because it has the Tesla name dubbed on it; there is a highly compelling reason for this. Electric cars have been at the centre of the automobile industry. Because of their increased driving range and growing charging infrastructure, EVs are becoming more useful. There are several brand-new electric vehicles available nowadays. But the Tesla Model Y is one of the best electric cars in the world. Most cars cannot easily compare to one another, and as such, you need to pay close attention to why we say that the Tesla Model Y would have you in its clutches without even realising it. 

The Tesla Model Y is incomparable

2022 Tesla Model X
2022 Tesla Model X

We have different electric cars in the auto market now, but when we say that the Tesla Model Y has no rival, you need to take our word for it. This phenomenal car was unveiled in 2019 and began official production and release in 2020, and since then, we can’t say that this small SUV has met all our expectations. The compact electric SUV has advanced significantly internationally in just three years. It has been the most popular electric car in a number of nations and is on pace to outsell the well-liked Tesla Model 3 electric sedan.

Tesla Model Y opened the door for other compact electric SUVs and established itself as a model and industry standard for other automakers. It has established itself as the tiny electric SUV to beat on a global scale, inspiring more seasoned automakers like Volkswagen to create a rival.

The Model Y isn’t the best EV because it came before other EVs, but it has maintained strong sales despite the entry of more rivals and many price changes. Even though the EV has had reliability concerns, the Model Y is still in high demand. If this doesn’t at all change your mind about getting a Tesla Model Y, then we don’t know what will.  With features that seem almost futuristic, you cannot go wrong with this car. 

Your jaw will drop at the Model Y’s design

All might lie, but the design is very important in a car. The design of the car is one thing people would look at when buying a car, and it is one of the reasons people even like a car in the first place, and we can all agree that the Tesla car is one of the cars with astonishing car designs. One thing about owning a Tesla is that your car would be highly distinguished from the fold of any car around, or just a simple car lying around, and this is one of the reasons it costs so much. There has been news of the company’s plan to redesign the Model T, and this should come as a breath of fresh air for most people who own one because you can rest assured that it would be the best. 

Tesla model y interior
Tesla model y interior

This is interesting because it implies that the potential for well-known nameplates like the Model Y is limitless. Tesla is making a lot of effort to increase the quality of its cars and the efficiency of its manufacturing process. As the company innovates and pushes limits, the next Model Y might receive a ton of fantastic features thanks to over-the-air updates.

Both Tesla and the Model Y brands are still relatively new. The team has its sights set on the next stage for its compact electric SUV because there is still much room for improvement. The next edition of the Model Y might astound everyone.

You cannot get a better car in regard to performance

You cannot spell performance quality at Tesla, which is all the more reason why the Model Y is the best electric SUV you would ever come across, both in torque and horsepower. 

tesla model y back
tesla model y back

One of the fastest electric vehicles available is the Model Y. It can travel up to 330 kilometres on one tank of gas. By today’s standards, that driving range is remarkable. Model Y is a true work of art on paper. Having said that, if Tesla wants its success to continue, the EV must demonstrate its dependability over time.

The Tesla Model Y is one of those cars you won’t ever regret buying because, for all its amazing features, this car is not just a Toyota Corolla; it is still the best electric car you can buy. 

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