Why Mercedes Benz Cars Sale more than other car brands in Nigeria.

Why Mercedes Benz Cars Sale more than other car brands in Nigeria

Over the years Mercedes Benz brand has become a permanent household name when it comes to automobiles for all age grades. The trend has become so present in our daily life that many people unconsciously misuse the general name ‘car’ for Benz, this can be sited in people’s general remark of “Baba God bless me make I buy Benz”. This situation can be likened to the Nigerian public calling every seasoning product as ‘Maggi’.  Not even our musical entertainers are left behind as most of them use the name Benz in their music lines when relating to automobiles and still end up posting pictures on social media where they are seen posing with exotic Mercedes Benz products. Artists like Victor AD also dedicated an anthem to the Mercedes Benz brand with his song ‘Wetin w gain’ where he dropped lines like ‘if we no buy the Benz wetin we gain’. Mercedes Benz went from papas brand to become the car for the new age in Nigerian with its popularity being fuelled by the so-called internet fraudster a.k.a ‘yahoo-yahoo boy’ or ‘Azaman’. This set of people make Mercedes Benz their clique brand and flaunts their cars at will all over the social media. Clearly Mercedes Benz has grown to become the Numero Uno of automobiles as far as the Nigerian society and economy is concern as we went from V-Booth to G-Wagon. Beyond the razzmatazz below are the legitimate reasons why the Mercedes Benz Brand has grown to become the number one household name in terms of the automobile in Nigeria:

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Adaptability to the bad Nigerian road

The Nigeria road is generally known to have potholes, marshes, slippery surfaces, and mostly un-tar. These road conditions destroy the sound state of cars by weakening the fender, shock absolvers, bumper, the chassis, engine etc and overtime reduces the lifespan of the car quicker. If there is any car in the world that suits and adapts to the bad road conditions in Nigerian across urban and rural space and still retain its sound engine and durability, then that car is Mercedes Benz.

Engine power

Mercedes Benz operates a power train, turbo, bi-turbo, and horsepower engine types that are known for its speed, control, and power; which invariably gives the Benz owner the opportunity and flexibility to choose the speed they want to operate and drive the on any type of road without being hampered by the road condition.

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Many also believe Mercedes Benz has a 2nd  to 3rd hand value so much more that even the downtrodden also claims it has a 5th hand value (that is if such exist) and very cheap to maintain.


Over the years, Mercedes Benz has continued to produce classy trendy designs without following the stereotype of sporting cars such: Lamborghini, Porsche, BMW, Ferrari, Maserati, Bugatti, Aston Martin, etc. They have also avoided to keep it simple like Honda, Mazda, Hyundai, Toyota, Peugeot, etc, yet they have managed to remain trendy to top drawer classy and classic cars to suit every social taste. This middle standing helps the brand in producing unique styles that we all desire

Interior and Luxury

2019 Mercedes-Benz GLS AMG
2019 Mercedes-Benz GLS AMG

One thing everyone has come to notice and accept is the ever-present classy and luxurious interior that Mercedes Benz designs their cars with. From the dashboard to the leather seat are all produced to make you feel like you are in the comfort of your home with state of the art simplified functionality that you won’t break a sweat to operate.


It is undeniable that Mercedes is an expensive brand yet and its owners (especially those that own the latest products) brag about the cost and use it as a symbol as affluent. Regardless of the cost, we can all agree that the comfort, quality, class, and durability justify every penny spent. Also, it is worthy to note that, Mercedes Benz’s brand has a product for every budget.  There are a low-cost brand like Mercedes Benz ML320 2000, 2005 C 240 that sells for ₦800k to ₦2M and there are also expensive like 2017 V-12-powered Mercedes-Maybach that goes from S600 $192,000 or ₦69 million.

So there you go, the above is the reason why Mercedes Benz cars sale more than other car brand in Nigeria, so share this post with your friends and family and don’t forget to visit Carmart Automotive to buy your best cars. We hope to see you again.  Thank you!

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