Regardless of whether you have a couple of vehicles at home that you might want to follow a GPS, or you have a whole armada of vehicles that you are hoping to follow, there are some incredible advantages.

It is totally a decent move to introduce car trackers to help your business. In a conceivably dangerous circumstance, a car tracker can save lives and can be utilized additionally to protect your friends and family, and track them or their vehicle if they disappear. Moreover, organizations, regardless of whether little or large, connect trackers to their conveyance vehicles.

In more straightforward terms, both customary customer and finance managers will appreciate various advantages on the off chance that they introduce vehicle Car trackers, generally significant of which is added security. We should take a look at how utilizing a car tracker could profit you in the long run.

GPS Car tracking for private cars

How about we consider your own vehicles that you and your family drive? Normally, one of the main advantages of the car tracker will be that it can assist with giving greater security to your vehicle. In the event that you pick a quality framework that won’t just track your vehicle, but that can likewise alarm you when there is an issue with the vehicle, for example, somebody attempting to break into it, you can help your vehicle security. They can even give the following progressively, so if the vehicle is taken, there will be a superior possibility that it tends to be recuperated.

Want to secure your car 5 Ways To Evaluate The Tracker Company You're Buying from.
Want to secure your car 5 Ways To Evaluate The Tracker Company You’re Buying from.

The GPS vehicle tracker can likewise assist with giving more significant serenity when individuals are late getting back home from work, school, or from being out with companions. In the event that there is a nasty climate, for instance, you are normally going to stress over your family who is driving home. The tracker will permit you to know where they are and that they are as yet protected and on their way back home.

Another advantage of the GPS vehicle trackers is that you will have information on where your children are taking the vehicle when they head out, in the event that there are zones where they should go to.

Importance of car trackers in vehicles

  • 1. Improves labour force profitability

The utilization of Car trackers permits organization chiefs to viably deal with their staff and limit inactive time, in this manner improving efficiency.

  • 2. Makes clients happy

Car trackers make continuous conveyance following and give point-by-point reports on the specific area of the conveyance trucks. You can utilize this information to give your clients an expected season of appearance of their products. Minding to share these snippets of data will fulfil your customers, and they won’t stop for a second to tap you should they need something conveyed once more. Also, more business bargains imply an increment in benefits. They will even prescribe you to their friends!

  • 3. Brings down carbon impression

At the point when you have a Car tracker to give you data on the best and most brief course to take for quicker conveyance, you can save money on fuel utilization. Also, not simply that, you’re saving Mother Earth as well. Taking more limited courses is your method of diminishing fossil fuel byproducts. Mechanized reports will likewise save paper, which means you’re additionally saving the trees, the very thing that helps clean the air.

  • 4. Keeps your resources and assets secured

It keeps cheats and thieves from heading out with your valued belonging. If your vehicle, gear, PC, and different assets are furnished with a Car tracker, it will be simpler for you to find and recuperate them if there should arise an occurrence of robbery.

  • 5. Sets aside cash

Introducing Car trackers to your cars gives various advantages. You can utilize the reports produced by the framework to assess your workers’ exhibition and participation and stay away from vile compensation. Not any more pointless additional time on the grounds that the driver got lost and it took them longer than expected to convey the item; it will likewise lessen fuel cost. You will likewise have the option to give your client precise charging data.

  • 6. Improves correspondence

The Car trackers log information on your vehicle’s appearance and takeoff time at explicit places so there’s no compelling reason to consider the workplace or the driver that the given errand is done, which chops down costs on telephone bills and other regulatory undertakings.

Prices Of Car Trackers In Nigeria

Basic Plan₦40,000SMS Based Tracking Solutions Advanced Plan₦50,000SMS Based Tracking SolutionsComprehensive₦65,000Web-Based Tracking Solutions
Track Vehicle Location on Mobile PhoneTrack Vehicle Location on Mobile PhoneTrack Vehicle Location on Mobile Phone or PC
Vehicle Speed ReportVehicle Speed ReportStop Vehicle Engine
Offline TrackingOnline trackingOnline tracking
Mobile TrackingMobile TrackingMobile Tracking
                           _Tracking via APPTracking via APP
                           _Web/PC TrackingWeb/PC Tracking
Location with MapLocation with MapLocation with Map
Voice MonitoringVoice MonitoringVoice Monitoring
SMS Engine ControlSMS Engine ControlSMS Engine Control
                         _Over-Speed AlertOver-Speed Alert
Back-Up BatteryBack-Up BatteryBack-Up Battery
Real-time trackingReal-time trackingReal-time tracking
                         _                   _History Movements
                         _                   _History Reports
                         _                   _Fleet Management Options
                         _Optional Renewal (₦10,000)Optional Renewal (₦10,000)
                         _Free Update/UpgradeFree Update/Upgrade
12 Months Warranty12 Months Warranty12 Months Warranty
24/7 Support24/7 Support24/7 Support

NB: These prices vary from one company to another, and the benefits also vary. There are several car tracking companies in Nigeria.

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