Struggling to choose fabric or leather for your car seats? You’re in the right place. We help you make that by explaining the benefits of each material and offering advice on which is better. You may have come across this idea once or twice. Especially when buying clothes, shoes, and hats, whether leather or cloth. But let me introduce you to another point in this “battle”: the car seat.

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We should probably warn you in advance. If you’re interested in a cheaper model like the 2001 Toyota Corolla, you don’t have to decide much here, as the fabric is the only option and leather doesn’t appear on the list at all. On the other hand, some cars in the high segment, however, do not have cloth options. Choose from one type of leather only or an upgraded version of that material.

 For luxury models, there is no choice but premium leather. In other situations, you are free to choose the interior of your car. Cloth is usually included as a standard option, and for a few bucks more, you can upgrade your car to leather seats.

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Some people say that leather is simply a waste of money and nothing more than a way to show off. We, of course, have to disagree. That’s why we decided to put down these factors, which might be pros and cons from different perspectives so that you’d be able to make the decision on your own.


If you have pet allergies, flower pollen allergies, or allergies of any kind, opting for leather is a no-brainer. Cloth fabric can hold all of those mentioned allergens, which you can never get rid of. If it’s a leather seat, just wipe it down. Most cars have carpets that contain allergens, so leather seats won’t solve all your problems, it can only reduce the chances of that happening.

Verdict: Leather 

Care and Maintenance 

For something luxurious like leather, one would expect that it takes some effort to take care of it. It is true that it won’t hold stains or odours for long, but unless you treat it with a special treatment every few weeks, it loses its ability. Dust particles collect in the pores of the leather, which harden and eventually crack the surface. They also require regular vacuuming and conditioning and require more care than cloth.

Verdict: Cloth  


What do you think would happen if you spilt oil or water on your favourite leather jacket or on your living room pillows? Which would cost more? The answer here is cloth. While leather is relatively easy to clean (perhaps with a little detergent), some stains, especially machine oil and ink stains on fabric, are almost impossible to wipe off.

Verdict: Leather is the clear winner.

Ownership status

We are not sure where this idea came from, but from vintage jackets to sleek, all-white hats to office chairs, leather can make you and your belongings look a little more “special.” So when you wear leather, others will probably make “informed” guesses about your place in society. On the other hand, most of the fabrics are plain, cheap, and simple.

Verdict: Want your car to look more sophisticated, get leather. 


Getting an upgrade package from cloth to leather seat will cost you somewhere between N300,000 to N500,000, even above 1 million with high-end type. Usually, buyers in Nigeria consider leather seats to be of a higher segment and also more luxurious. Knowing this, some dealers might hike the price in the hope to profit from the high demand.

Verdict: Leather is not cheaper 


Leather is not only more expensive, but it also gets much hotter. I mean literally. Legend has it that if you leave a leather car seat in direct sunlight for too long, an egg will burn on it. If you don’t believe me, roll down your car window for a few hours or half an hour. The black leather colour absorbs heat very efficiently and can cause serious skin burns if the seat is not cooled. Not only is it definitely not recommended, but it can also cause heat problems. 

Verdict: Cloth 


If you spill something on your leather pillow, it can go away in a few days with proper cleaning. On the other hand, cloth “remembers” the smell of things it touches. In addition, many people enjoy the pleasant smell of leather, not only in cars.

Verdict: Leather wins again.

Comfort Levels

Cloth seats and cushions are often soft to the touch. It is more like a cotton shirt, and its quality does not change much with the weather. Conversely, high-quality leather seats are comfortable, but cheap ones are hard and slippery.

Verdict: There was no problem with the cloth. 


As mentioned in factor, your car would likely be sold for more bucks if it’s furnished with leather seats. But most Nigerian and Tokunbo buyers only want a relatively good vehicle with a good price, especially old vehicles. Having said that, some still want to spend extra on clean leather seats.

Verdict: Leather 


Are there any winners here? So far, cloth and leather have seemed to tie. But these are just opinions, and different people will make different decisions. Don’t hesitate to scroll through the list one or two more times before making a decision that suits your interest. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the disadvantages of leather seats?

There are significantly expensive when compared to fabric seats and more complex and expensive to repair

What Are The Advantages of Fabric Car Seats?

They are cheap and easy to manufacture and are less temperature sensitive (extreme heat or cold). 

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