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Which of These SUVs Win In 2023? Toyota RAV4 or Toyota Highlander

2023 Toyota RAV4 or Toyota Highlander
2023 Toyota RAV4 or Toyota Highlander

Toyota‘s best-selling models and industry leaders in their respective segments are the RAV4 and Highlander. Which one fits you best? The Highlander is a three-row SUV designed for families, while the RAV4 is a tiny crossover designed to be a flexible all-arounder.

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However, there are some elements that, well, overlap between the two. Do you plan to purchase the Toyota Highlander three-row midsize SUV or the smaller Toyota RAV4 compact SUV? Check out this comparison of the 2023 Toyota RAV4 and the 2023 Toyota Highlander to learn more about the differences between the two SUVs.

RAV4 vs. Highlander: Performance and Gas Mileage

The 2023 Toyota RAV4 has three performance-oriented engine choices: a 2.5-litre four-cylinder engine with 203 horsepower, a hybrid with 219 horsepower, and a plug-in hybrid with the RAV4 Prime (308 hp). In contrast, the 2023 Toyota Highlander has two engine choices: a hybrid and a turbocharged 2.4-litre inline-four (265 horsepower) (243 hp). 

Side view of the 2023 Toyota Highlander
Side view of the 2023 Toyota Highlander

The advantage of the RAV4 is its efficiency. The RAV4 hybrid gets up to 40 combined mpg in comparison to the gas-powered RAV4’s up to 30 combined mpg estimated fuel economy. In addition, the RAV4 Prime plug-in hybrid offers a fuel economy of 38 combined mpg in hybrid mode and 94 MPGe in electric-only mode.

In contrast, the Highlander gas model may achieve a combined fuel economy of up to 24 mpg, while the Highlander hybrid can achieve a combined fuel efficiency of up to 36 mpg.

RAV4 vs. Highlander: Towing Capacity 

The Highlander is superior in terms of towing. The Highlander Hybrid can tow up to 3,500 pounds, while the gas-powered Highlander can haul up to 5,000 pounds. The RAV4 can tow up to 3,500 pounds, in contrast.

RAV4 vs. Highlander: Off-Road Capabilities 

2023 Toyota Rav4 side view
2023 Toyota Rav4 side view

SUVs come equipped with traction-enhancing all-wheel drives, but the RAV4 performs better off-road. One difference between the RAV4 and the Highlander is their ground clearance (up to 8.6 vs. 8.0 inches). The RAV4 provides off-road-focused vehicles with the Woodland Edition, Adventure, and TRD Off-Road trim levels, unlike the Highlander.

RAV4. vs. Highlander: Safety

The RAV4 is less secure than the Highlander. For the 2023 model year, the IIHS crash test results for the Highlander and RAV4 are not yet available. The 2023 ratings are anticipated to be comparable to the 2022 ratings, despite the fact that both SUVs are essentially carryover models. The Highlander received the best possible grade from ratings, for the 2022 model year. In contrast, the 2022 RAV4 was given the second-tier safety rating. 

RAV4 vs. Highlander: Passenger and Cargo Space

BIG Changes for 2023 Highlander – I Have Them All!

The Highlander has more internal room than the RAV4 due to its bigger overall size. It has a total passenger volume of 141.3 cu ft and can hold up to eight passengers. In contrast, the RAV4 can accommodate five passengers and has a total passenger volume of 98.9 cu ft. Additionally, the Highlander has greater room for storage thanks to its maximum load capacity of 84.3 cubic feet as opposed to the RAV4’s 69.8 cubic feet.

RAV4 vs Highlander: Price

Which Toyota SUV is more expensive in 2023: the Highlander or the RAV4? Although prices for the 2023 model year are not yet known, both SUVs are probably going to be slightly more expensive than the 2022 models. The starting MSRP for the 2022 RAV4 is between N14,000,000 for the LE trim and N24,000,000 for the RAV4 Prime XSE trim. In contrast, the 2022 Highlander’s MSRP starts at N21,000,000 for the L trim and goes as high as N30,000,000 for the Platinum Hybrid trim.

RAV4 vs. Highlander: Infotainment System

Check out the RAV4’s cabin’s hefty HVAC knobs and large door handles for some plain simplicity with a touch of rough flare. A 7.0-inch infotainment touchscreen, manually adjusted cloth seats, and one-touch windows are standard on the RAV4. An 8.0-inch infotainment touchscreen, heated power-adjustable leather seats, and a premium audio system are added to higher-end versions. 

2023 Toyota RAV4 XSE Hybrid: Is The Hybrid Worth It?

The RAV4 and Highlander share comparable basic equipment, with the main exception being an 8.0-inch touchscreen. It becomes posher as you move up the grade level thanks to stitched leather seats, fake wood trim, and a 12.3-inch infotainment touchscreen. In addition, captain’s chairs are an option for the second row in place of the traditional three-across bench. Higher-end variants have a more upscale appearance and feel than the RAV4.


The RAV4 has wide appeal since it comes in a variety of styles, including practical runabouts, tough(ish) off-roaders, and extremely efficient hybrids. Whatever the setup, it’s an adaptable and useful small SUV. Three rows of seating for families and extra cargo space are Highlander’s main selling points. Despite having more costly trims, it isn’t as efficient or affordable. The Highlander is preferable for individuals who frequently travel with a few passengers, but we advise choosing the RAV4 if fuel efficiency and convenient parking are considerations.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is the Toyota Highlander a good car to buy in Nigeria?  

The Highlander is an excellent SUV, yes. It has plenty of basic safety technology, comfortable seats for adults in the first two rows, and decent interior materials. The Highlander’s powerful, fuel-efficient V6 engine, balanced handling, and comfortable ride also make for a great driving experience. The third row is only appropriate for youngsters, and it isn’t as nimble as some of its competitors in the same class.

Should I buy a Toyota RAV4 in Nigeria?

If you’re searching for a versatile car for commuting, transporting a smaller family, or just for daily usage, the RAV4 earns a position on your list. But observe your surroundings in this cutthroat class. The Mazda CX-5 has a livelier performance than the RAV4 and a more luxurious-looking cabin, while the Honda CR-V is just as well-rounded. The Toyota RAV4 Hybrid and RAV4 Prime are two alternative-fuel versions of this SUV that you might possibly be interested in.

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