How and where to buy cheap cars in Nigeria

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Tokunbo vehicles or used vehicles are popular in Nigeria and ought to be the principal port of call for any individual who is hoping to purchase a vehicle and is running on a strict financial plan. As much as many individuals will adore their first vehicles to be brand new, as seen by prevalent views, used or Tokunbo vehicles in Nigeria are less expensive and solid than individuals accept. Reasonable and much solid, you can discover endless genuinely used vehicles available to be purchased in Nigeria at great costs.

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buy cheap cars in Nigeria
buy cheap cars in Nigeria

Explicitly in this article, the spotlight will for the most part be on modest vehicles or Tokunbo vehicles available to be purchased in Nigeria. These vehicles are accepted to have preferred condition over privately utilized units because of the more limited season of past use just as unfamiliar drivers’ acceptable propensity for upkeep. Hint, Tokunbo used cars are also cheap, so here you will understand how and where to buy cheap cars in Nigeria.

What are the types of used cars that come into Nigeria?

What are the types of used cars that come into Nigeria
What are the types of used cars that come into Nigeria

American used cars

The USA vehicle deals framework is simple and straightforward. Furthermore, the presence of incalculable vendors and sales sites present a whole variety of options for persons interested in buying used cars. The USA used or American used imported vehicles represent right around seventy-five per cent of complete trade-in vehicle imports to Nigeria. If you would prefer not to pay the additional charge for using an agent to process sending a car down to Nigeria, you can simply import these vehicles yourself. But you must understand the cycle adequately, from setting an offer to clearing your vehicles through Nigeria Customs. Some websites to buy used cars from America are, etc.

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European used cars

Nigerians purchasing used cars from Europe typically do such to get vehicles that are completely stacked at not exactly ordinary market rates. European vehicles are generally efficient vehicles, all around kept up and genuinely simple to import. Some popular websites to buy a used car from Europe are, and, etc.

Cotonou used cars

Tokunbo cars have been the go-to choice for thousands of Nigerians in the past few years when they are looking to upgrade their car. Tokunbo vehicles are neat, good-looking, and budget-friendly. Here are the prices of Tokunbo cars at the Cotonou car market in Benin. Latest Prices Of Tokunbo Cars In Cotonou

Japanese used cars

Japanese used vehicles brought into Nigeria are the absolute best vehicle imports regarding quality and even cost. This is on the grounds that they are commonly very much kept up. Extremely low import obligations when brought in from Japan are another valid justification to import from Japan. You can buy used cars in Japan from,, etc.

Germany used cars

German values for good support, control, and a request comes off on their auto trades. At the point when you purchase a trade-in vehicle from Germany, you are getting an assurance of greatness and execution. You could consider bringing in from this nation for these and different reasons. The conveyance expense from Germany to Nigeria is about N140K, equivalent to only 50% of the delivery cost from America. Some sites to buy used cars in Germany are,, and, etc.

Tips to note when buying a used car in Nigeria

Japanese-made vehicles to have demonstrated to be the least expensive vehicles to keep up in Nigeria. This is generally why Nigerian streets are packed with them. Well-known Japanese brands incorporate Toyota Corolla, Toyota Camry, Toyota Highlander, Toyota Sienna, Honda Accord, Honda City, Honda Pilot, and Lexus. Certain different brands like Peugeot and Volkswagen have effectively worked on Nigerian streets too. Peugeot claims its image is made particularly for Nigerian streets.

Tips to note when buying a used car in Nigeria
Tips to note when buying a used car in Nigeria

Indeed, it very well may be a new vehicle, made either abroad or in Nigeria, yet for what reason do we suggest this vehicle type as a modest vehicle to purchase? The efficiency and its maintenance costs.

Some vehicles amplify fuel use by crushing out the most miles for gallons of fuel utilized. A fuel economy vehicle is significant in light of the fact that it assists with diminishing your vehicle upkeep costs, and furthermore defends the climate through diminished discharges. Used and cheap cars, unexpectedly, may become costly over the long haul because of unreasonable fuel utilization, continuous fixes or even yearly updates. That is the reason when purchasing a used or tokunbo vehicle, you should be aware of certain later costs. Upkeep costs, accessibility of parts, and accessibility of qualified auto-mechanics for that brand are significant variables in settling on a decision for procurement.

How to buy cheap cars in Nigeria

Since purchasing a brand new car, may be outside the reach of normal livelihoods in Nigeria, this leaves the choices of Nigerian used cars as the practical choices for a lion’s share of potential vehicle purchasers in Nigeria. Nonetheless, purchasing these less expensive vehicles accompany a ton of expected dangers and downsides. Some of the associated dangers of buying a used car in Nigeria are:

How to buy cheap cars in Nigeria
How to buy cheap cars in Nigeria
  • Accident vehicles can without much of a stretch be masked with shallow fixes and sold.
  • Clearing challenges and different traditions related to dangers.
  • Unsure vehicle history.
  • Vacillations in unfamiliar monetary forms trade rates making them more costly.
  • The requirement for the essential foundation of E-trade and worldwide exchanges.

To understand the rudiments of buying used cars in Nigeria, one has to have a thorough understanding of how the process works. This is to avoid getting duped or played by scammers. The needed steps on how to buy used cars in Nigeria are:

Step 1- Research

When purchasing a used vehicle in Nigeria, it is necessary to learn all that you can about vehicles, vehicles in Nigeria and used cars in Nigeria especially. You can get significant information, obviously, on the web, yet in addition from companions, neighbours, and even your nearby specialist. Some fundamental data you will have the option to accumulate from your exploration incorporates the best vehicles for the Nigerian atmosphere and streets, normal costs and best areas to purchase.

Step 2- Check the price range and check your budget

After conducting research on the types of used cars, and you have arrived at a selection, it is necessary to compare prices on sites. This should be done to ensure that the car you want fits into your desired budget. There are several sites like CarMart Ng that have a wide range of used car options in Nigeria to choose from.

Step 3- Final checks on the car

Whenever you have seen the vehicle you need at the price you are content with, at that point you should confirm the data to ensure it is as publicized.  Rust and indications of oil spillage are key pointers that you have not settled on the correct decision. Conduct a VIN (vehicle ID number) test, as a VIN check can reveal significant components of the vehicle’s set of experiences. If the car shows questionable mileage for a used car, it should serve as a warning because it means that the car has been tampered with.

Step 4- Ensure that all documents of the car are accurate

You may require a court oath, a substantial difference in possession, and a police report once you are purchasing a Nigerian used vehicle. In the event that you purchased a Tokunbo, verify that it was brought into the nation lawfully, and that all obligations were paid and confirmed. To stay away from future problems with Customs and Police, ensure your potential vehicle’s documentation is accurate.

Where to find cheap cars in Nigeria

You can get great deals as close by as the closest bus station or significant street, once you have the money to buy a used car readily available in your hand or in your bank account. You can get used vehicles. To buy used cars in Nigeria, without going online, there are physical areas that people usually patronize. They are:

1)  Apapa-Tincan port in Lagos has become a famous spot for purchasing Tokunbo or used vehicles.

2)  Cotonou in the Benin Republic, but ensure you pay the right dues and get documentation if you import from Lagos ports or Cotonou.

If you don’t have the time or energy to visit the popular places mentioned above, then you might want to buy used cars online. Buying used cars online, the steps listed above should also stand as a guide. The sites listed below are 100% trusted if interested in buying used cars in Nigeria.

  1. CarMart Ng
  2. Jiji
  3. Autochek 
  4. others

There are also some physical stores in Nigeria that sell used cars and they have a wide range of options to choose from.

  1. Lanre Shittu Motors
  2. Oloworay Autos
  3. Affordable Cars Ltd
  4. Cars45
  5. Nigerian cars for sale
  6. Elizade Nigeria Limited
  7. Leventis Motors
  8. Porsche Centre
  9. Skymit Motors Limited
  10. Tejude Motors

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