Tesla is one of the foremost automobile companies in the world involved in the production and sales of electric vehicles. This means buying a Tesla car automatically saves you the expenses of having to buy fuel or gas ever again. All you have to do to power your Tesla is to charge it like you would a mobile phone.

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Many Nigerians are hesitant to join the electric car revolution because they are concerned about where to charge their cars. While this hesitancy is legit, it’s good news to know that this issue is already being addressed in Nigeria. In this article, carmart Nigeria brings you possible options of where you can charge your Tesla in Nigeria.

Where To Charge Your Tesla In Nigeria

Charging your Tesla car is simple. Two main avenues to charge your Tesla are;

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  • At Home
  • Public charging stations.
Possible Electric Car Charging Stations In Nigeria
Possible Electric Car Charging Stations In Nigeria

How To Charge Your Tesla Car At Home

If you have a steady power supply, you have already solved half the challenge to charge your Tesla at home

  •  Charging using a Dedicated Connector Cable

This utilizes a dedicated wall connector cable supplied by the Tesla manufacturer. This option will require that you install specific electrical components, as well as purchase the dedicated connectors supplied by Tesla. This charging option is sufficiently faster and safer than the first option because this is recommended by Tesla. Tesla has its home charging equipment which can be installed by certified electricians. 

If you may, Tesla has a list of recommended electricians who can help you with the installation. Notwithstanding, local electricians can help you with it but they need to follow the installation manual provided by Tesla to get it right. 

With Tesla’s home charging equipment, you can get your Tesla fully charged overnight. If you would be depending on home-charging for your Tesla, then it’s best you already have a wall connector and other recommended charging equipment installed before you purchase and have your Tesla delivered to you in Nigeria.

Public Stations To Charge Your Tesla Car In Nigeria

Public stations in Nigeria are still in their nascent stage and it’s not yet evenly distributed. However, this gives hope that in coming years, Nigerians will no longer have the fear of their Tesla running out of charge in the middle of the road; as very soon more charging stations will be created in strategic locations all across Nigeria. Below are two charging stations you can charge your Tesla in Nigeria;

List Of Tesla Cars In Nigeria, Prices, And Reviews
List Of Tesla Cars In Nigeria, Prices, And Reviews

Charging station in Sokoto

The Nigeria Automotive Design and Development Council (NADDC) inaugurated the first Electric Vehicle Charging Station in Nigeria, in Sokoto State. This was a pilot project done in collaboration with Usmanu Danfodio University, Sokoto (UDUS). According to the Director-General of NADDC, Mr Jelani Aliyu, the charging station is a 100 per cent solar energy-powered charging station in Nigeria. Sokoto was chosen as the location for the pilot project owing to the hot weather conditions in the state. The energy from the sun can easily be harnessed to supply power to charge electric vehicles like Tesla, Hyundai-Kona etc.

The charging station contains arrays of installed solar panels with 86.4 kilowatts per hour capacity. They are then coupled to three online-offline hybrid inverters with 5-kilovolt ampere (KVA) each and synchronized to give an output of 15KVA/48 watts. The system’s energy storage is made up of 36 units of deep-cycle gel batteries with an output of 48 volts/1980 amperes.

Charging Station In Lagos

This project was also led by the National Automotive Design and Development Agency (NADDC), under the Elective Vehicle Pilot Project. The Charging station is a full solar-powered electric charging station in Lagos. This project was done in collaboration with the University of Lagos and Hyundai Motors, Nigeria. The charging station is equipped with deep cycle batteries of up to 95 kWh storage capacity. Tesla owners in and around Lagos consider this place as a probable charging spot for their Tesla vehicles.


Electric vehicles like Tesla will soon become more popular in Nigeria in the near future. You can make use of any of the charging locations mentioned above to charge your Tesla vehicle in Nigeria.

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