What Steps Should I Take Before Buying A New Car In Nigeria? 

How To Test Drive A Car Before Buying In Nigeria
How To Test Drive A Car Before Buying In Nigeria

Buying a new car in Nigeria necessitates a number of steps. From defining your budget to getting your vehicle registered, this article will make the process relatively easier for you.

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In this article, we will guide you through the process of obtaining a new car in Nigeria. Please read on to learn more about these processes. 

Steps To Take Before Buying A New Car In Nigeria 

There are a number of steps to take before buying a new car in Nigeria. These steps are listed below: 

Have A Precise Budget: The importance of identifying your budget cannot be overstated. Your budget helps you in deciding what kind of car you can get, amongst other things. Your budget is also there to guide you against overspending. This is not just a tip, it is one of the most important steps to take before purchasing a car in Nigeria. 

Explore Your Options: Do you now have a budget? Now is the time to explore your options.  Find different cars that fit into your budget. Is it this car you intended to purchase before? Can your budget pay for this car? Are there other cars that can serve the same purpose this car serves that fit into your budget? Explore your many options. You will find a car that meets your demands. 

Ensure the Car is SON-Certified: SON is an acronym for Standard Organisation of Nigeria. The Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON) is the sole statutory body that is vested with the responsibility of standardizing and regulating the quality of all products in Nigeria. Is the car that you want to purchase SON certified? If it isn’t, it is best to go for another alternative. The vehicle may either be substandard or not safe for road conditions. 

Test-Drive the Vehicle: Do not buy a car without taking it on a test drive. This helps in ascertaining if the car has existing faults or if it is fit for the road. If you buy a car without realizing its faults until it is bought, there’s a high chance that you’ll not be able to return such a car again. As such, it is important to run a test drive before purchasing any vehicle. 

Check the Car’s History: The vehicle’s history will guide against the purchase of stolen vehicles or substandard ones. You can always get this information from the car dealer you’re buying the car from. If it is an online purchase, still request the car history. 

Make Payments: Have you followed the previous steps listed above? Now is the time to pay for your car. Do not forget that you should not spend beyond your budget. You do not want to end up securing loans just to purchase a car. You can make payments. Also, ensure that there is a receipt for this transaction to keep as evidence of payment for the car. 

Get Your Vehicle Insured: Insurance is as important as any other thing. Getting car insurance will help you secure your car in the event of unforeseen circumstances like theft and accidents. Once a car is insured, depending on the type of insurance coverage, you do not need to worry about additional costs that may come with repairing the car in the event of unforeseen circumstances. 

Register Your Vehicle: This is the last step. This involves obtaining important documents such as proof of payment, vehicle documents, proof of ownership and other documents associated with a car purchase. This will ensure that you face no problems when proving that you own the particular car in question. 


Buying a car in Nigeria can be a difficult process but this process can be made relatively easy for you if you follow the steps outlined above. However, if you have no prior knowledge as to these processes, it is usually advised that you take along with you, someone with experience in the purchase of cars. This person will guide you through the processes and advise you based on your budget. 

Written by fatiha Arogundade

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