What Is The Best Time To Buy Your Tokunbo Car

What Is The Best Time To Buy Your Tokunbo Car 
What Is The Best Time To Buy Your Tokunbo Car 

Although purchasing a used automobile can be a fantastic method to save money compared to doing so for a new one, many individuals are put off by the potential for unreliability. 

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After all, there are many things that may go wrong with an automobile, and when you’re trying to invest in something that you need to be dependable on, one of the most frequent queries from the general public is regarding the ideal age to purchase a used car. Indeed, there are many factors at play.

Therefore, a vehicle inspection is needed to learn more about the overall health of the car and its potential repair costs. With this information, you can either make an offer based on the car’s repair costs or decide to walk away from the deal altogether.

What to look for in a used vehicle

But, there are a few questions you must first ask yourself before you can even start to answer the question. What is, first and foremost, the factor that is most significant to you when considering purchasing a used car?

Context is frequently a helpful tool to have here in order to put things into practice. The following are some of a secondhand car’s most popular selling points:

  • low initial costs
  • lower operating expenses
  • superior value money Features and Specs
  • Expected resale prices.

They all have a significant impact on the costs that are first offered to you for a used car. After you have that, a few common denominators can affect the amount of money you are considering.

The Age at Which Depreciation is Lowest

Essentially, you’ll be driven to look at older cars if the major motivation for you to get a used car is to save money instead of buying a new one.

Generally speaking, the general rule for older vehicles is that time depreciates value, and this is constant. That is excellent if you want to save money. Every year, the value of vehicles decreases at a decreasing rate. Buying an older vehicle can help you deal with less depreciation, at least that is the theory.

The car could be worth, say, 75% of its original value in the first year after release, according to this statement. The following year, perhaps 60%. After that, 50%, then a steady decline starting at that time. Although this is a broad illustration, it drives home the idea that annual value depreciation declines less and less. Your degree of depreciation varies depending on where you join this cycle. Long-term, knowing that is incredibly helpful.

The Age of Reliability and Value

This sense of value also plays a significant role in determining the ideal age to purchase a used car, but this time it works in opposition to the notion of declining reliability. After all, it simply makes sense that more time passes and older vehicles become less dependable.

Similar to before, there is almost a sensation of value and reliability depreciation again. Things sustain wear and tear for extended periods of time as a car matures. This implies that some of the second-hand car parts with shorter life spans will be significantly more likely to require urgent maintenance. And this is only the beginning.

On the other side of the coin in this argument, wear and tear can still take place for the longer life-spanned parts as well. This goes for things like cambelts, suspension parts, wheels, nuts, bearings, axles, and just about every other moving part in your car. 

On top of all of that still, you finally have the uncontrollable point that the chances of spontaneous or continuous damage increase as well. Every year extra of the vehicle age means that there has been another year of driving. Another year of potholes, bumps, bangs, curbs and stress on the vehicle system all around.

This all needs careful consideration but is largely down to you and a judgement call on your comfort zones and trust in a vehicle. All brands and models have different reputations after all. Make sure you’re buying something you can trust. 

The Age at Which Benefits Are Broadest

The ideal age for a used car basically boils down to two factors when these two pillars are taken into consideration. These are the price difference between the car’s original sticker price and your purchase price, the car’s dependability for you while you use it, and its future resale value. This is the magic formula, in principle.

This isn’t always the case, though. Some people are more interested in some of these qualities than others. Some people are prepared to buy the cheapest automobile they can afford until it breaks, for example, even if they only use it sometimes, but it is undoubtedly a minority and not the best investment based on standing. 

People are more frequently on the lookout for the ideal midpoint between all of these things. It often falls somewhere between 3 and 7 years old.

Even with decreasing depreciation, 3 is still more expensive but far more reliable due to its high depreciation. But, an automobile that is seven years old has already descended to a considerably lower level. Nevertheless, the reliability won’t be as good as it could be because of the gap of those four years, and you’ll be taking a chance every year without knowing what you’re looking at (although this is always the case no matter what you’re buying).

With all of that being said, arguably, the best age to buy a used car should be around 5 years. This is where cars begin to reach their minimums in terms of depreciation per annum while still being high quality, advanced in technology, safe, and likely to be reliable as well. This is a generalisation, but it is hard to go wrong in this window.


Overall, the best time to purchase a used car is around the 5-year mark because this minimises depreciation and maximises reliability for the price you’ll pay, meaning you’re less likely to experience problems or need to spend additional money in the future, which is a common issue with really cheap or much older vehicles.

In the end, a car’s age alone will never be able to tell you anything about its health or reliability. When purchasing a car, a complicated image is constantly painted, and without professional assistance, you almost never obtain the complete picture.

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