Ways To Make More Money Selling Used Cars In Nigeria

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Making money in Nigeria at a time like this is a matter of top priority. Truth is, there are countless opportunities around us that we often aren’t aware of. Oftentimes, this is what makes the difference between those who are rich and poor. Today, is ready to open your eyes to a big opportunity you can immediately take advantage of. This opportunity is about the ways to make more money selling used cars in Nigeria. 

One of the major means of transportation in Nigeria is by car. In fact, the number of cars in Nigeria keeps teeming. You will know this is a reality when you consider the frequent traffic jams in dense cities like Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt, just to mention a few. 

The larger per cent of cars owned by Nigerians have used cars. These used cars can either be Tokunbo (foreign used) or locally used cars. The reason most Nigerians opt for used cars is that they are more affordable compared to new cars. Now, used cars are not bad. In fact, some of them are as good as new because of how they look. Used cars can be of high quality, and they are durable and efficient too.

There is a large market base for you in Nigeria to start your business selling used cars. You just have to be Strategic and well-positioned. Many Nigerians need cars for easy commuting and some want to have more cars in their garage. With a population of over 125 million, then you know there have to be several ways to make more money selling used cars. 

Below are the ways you can start earning extra cash by selling used cars in Nigeria.

  1. Buy Used Cars At A Low Price And Sell At A Higher Price

You see, selling used cars in Nigeria is just like any other business. You need to have the right sources that allow you to buy at a lower price (compared to your competitors), so that you can make more profit. In addition, for you to sell at a high price you need to be smart enough to know when best to buy and sell

Usually, in Nigeria, the demand for used cars increases around September- December. This is usually because Nigerians are preparing for festive periods and some may want to gift others cars. At this time, it’s easy for you to make your profit fast because sales will be higher. However, when it comes to January, demand lowers because most Nigerians are just recovering from expenses during the festive period. 

If you secure the right sources to buy your used cars, and you know when to buy; then you can easily buy at a lower price and sell at a higher price to make a profit.

  1. Inspect Before You Buy

It will be a colossal loss for you if you buy a used car only to later realize it’s faulty and not in good working condition. To make money selling used cars in Nigeria, then you need to be a thorough observer. Before buying a used car to sell, ensure to thoroughly inspect it to be sure nothing is wrong with the car. Nobody will want to buy from you if the car you are selling is faulty. If you feel you are not knowledgeable enough about used cars, then take a mechanic along to do the inspection for you.

  1. Take Advantage Of Online Car Outlets

The internet age has made doing business and making lots of profit easier. Rather than spending time, energy and money going from one car dealer to another trying to get a used car; you can easily shop for the car you want to sell at online car outlets. A notable car shop where you can purchase quality and neatly used cars for resale is You can also buy used cars cheaply from car auction sites online.

  1. Leverage On Social Media 

You don’t necessarily need to open a shop to sell your used cars, this will only increase your expenses and reduce your profit. Social media is a good way to reach your target audience. If you don’t have enough people on your personal social media account, you can easily run ads to reach more audiences and convert sales. Making use of this method makes you make more money from selling used cars.

  1. Build Your Automobile Skills And Knowledge

This last point will increase your value as you sell used cars. When you are able to provide relevant knowledge and advice to your buyers, then they will pay you more when they come to buy used cars from you. A little mechanical knowledge and expertise will also give you an edge in this business. Your ability to handle tools, get under the hood and fix car-associated problems is an added way to make a profit. Once you are able to do car maintenance and repair well for a client, they won’t hesitate to call you again and even recommend you to their network.

5 Smart Tips To Sell Your Cars Faster In Nigeria
5 Smart Tips To Sell Your Cars Faster In Nigeria


The above contains easy ways you start making money selling used cars in Nigeria. Ensure to implement the above, and increase your profit. 

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