Valentine Onwumelu, popularly known as Instigator PH is one of the richest and most successful business moguls in Nigeria. He is a close friend of the renowned Obi Cubana, not forgetting Man Like Chico who is his right-hand man, Sunny All Day and so many other young billionaires.


Watin man do man?: The moment Billionaire Instigator_ph Ignored male flight attendant to hug hostesses in Private jet

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Billionaire Instigator_ph was spotted coming down from a private jet with Man Like Chico, As Instigator_ph got to the end of the private jet steps, he side hug the hostesses and completely ignored the host, this got lots of reactions and questions

Watin man do man?


I swear. I thought I was the only one that noticed that. Why greetings the lady only when the man was busy greetings you but got ignored


Sorry boss i can see two people in the video greeting you but you only answered one person and which is the lady the guy was still greeting you you didn’t even look is side


It’s totally wrong to greet the girl and ignore the guy, it’s like discrimination


Oga no see man wa de greet him na woman him see in this life get money oooh. I will never be poor amen


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