Want to secure your car? 5 Ways To Evaluate The Tracker Company You’re Buying from

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It is very important to carry out certain tips to prevent your car from being stolen. However, when your car gets eventually stolen, this would go a long way in tracking who the thief is.

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You can use the pre-installed GPS car tracker to fish out where your car would be. It would help the police significantly when investigating your case. So it’s very important to properly evaluate the company you’re buying from so you’ll be sure you’re acquiring a GPS tracker of high quality.

Why Car Trackers Are Important - Prices Of Car Trackers in 2021
Why Car Trackers Are Important – Prices Of Car Trackers

1. Design of the tracking device

Firstly, you have to determine if the design of the tracker can withstand harsh environmental conditions because you can not guarantee to be in the best conditions every time. The tracker has to be very solid and strong and not easily destroyed. It should be waterproof and should not get destroyed by rain or snow. In summary, it should be durable and not be affected by any harsh conditions it might be exposed to.

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2. Features of the tracking device

The tracking device should be able to properly and accurately locate your car from your mobile phone. It should be very sensitive and should have recent modules in it. Interesting features like setting up routes and providing directions to a destination should be available in the GPS tracking system. If you own a company that involves driving many cars, you could acquire one that detects your driver’s behaviour on the road like speeding or harshly braking. It gives you so much more control over your business. You could also get cool features like ignition on/off alert, route history log, smartphone notifications, and different map views.

3. Cost of the tracking device

Check out the cost of the tracking device and the subscription. If they are what you can work with, then you should run with them. If you signed up for additional features, check out if they come with the standard package or if more payments are expected to be carried out. You also need to make sure that the tracking company is reliable and would do well in handling your additional features. The standard cost of subscriptions for tracking companies is from N15,000 to N20,000.

4. National and International usability

If you are a person that travels often or you own a business that entails travelling. You won’t want your tracking device to go off immediately; you leave your vicinity. It is very unsafe and ultimately annoying. So, you should be very careful and make this inquiry before you buy any tracking device. Let me say it explicitly. Your tracking device should be able to function globally.

5. Location update intervals

The location update interval is a very important factor to consider when acquiring a car tracker. This entails the interval in which the tracker would give you new information on the location of your car.

If you manage a fleet management company, you would need a device that can update your fleet’s real-time location at least every 30 seconds interval. The best you can get now are those with a lower location update interval of around 30 seconds. They are more accurate and should be what you look out for when you want to buy a tracker device.

Features To Look At For When Evaluating A Car tracker company, You can also check out these features while evaluating a Car tracker company;

5 Best Car Tracking Companies In Lagos 2021
5 best car tracking companies in Lagos
  • Warranty

Ask for their warranty cover and If they offer a free replacement within the warranty period.

  • Personal Assessment 

Visit their website or office and give your own personal assessment of the outlook. Does it look like a professional website?

  • Accreditation

Are they duly registered with government agencies like NCC to offer the service?

  • Clientele

Request to know a few of their biggest client, Also, ask for proof to confirm their claims. If they currently service a few reputable companies, you should rest assured that you are in safe hands.

  • Years of Existence

Ask to know how many years they’ve been offering car tracking in Nigeria. From our research, there is an influx of Newbies in the industry. You don’t want to trust your car’s security with a company with no antecedent. 

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