Want To Get A Car From Copart To Nigeria? Read This

Want To Get A Car From Copart To Nigeria? Read This
Want To Get A Car From Copart To Nigeria? Read This

Is it trending at Copart to buy cars from the US? How much are Copart auction fees? How much do Copart cars cost? You can find out all about me in this blog.

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Why Should I Buy From Copart

Nigerians go to tokunbo or abroad for purchases. It’s no longer news that people prefer to buy a brand-new used vehicle. These “tokunbo” make up the majority of vehicles used domestically. But what’s fairly new is that buyers are importing cars directly from the US. This is typically done through an auto auction site such as Copart Auction. 

The hype around buying cars from the US to Nigeria can be explained as follows: You can get it for half the price at the dealer. You know what cars are like. It’s no news that many of the nice-looking Tokunbo cars in Nigerian dealerships are refurbished salvage cars. reliable for the price. Copart also offers additional services such as: Connecting with brokers and shipping companies to help transport your car to Nigeria or working with a local agency to speed up the process.

Copart Accidental car for sale in USA

Before Buying Copart Vehicles, See how to Bid, Copart Authorized Rep in Nigeria
Before Buying Copart Vehicles, See how to Bid, Copart Authorized Rep in Nigeria

A salvage car is a damaged car for sale. These are also called junk cars and are usually available very cheaply. Some of these cars have no major damage. even minor scratches and weather damage. This is how you buy, repair, use, or sell these cars. Copart’s salvage title can be repaired exempt or continue to be used privately.

How do Copart auctions work?

Copart sells cars through an auction system. The highest bidder wins the car. First, you need to register as a member to bid on a car. Registered members place pre-bids before or during the live auction in which vehicles are displayed on the block. In pre-bid, vehicles are evaluated in stages before being sold. Preliminary bids are then placed in a live auction.

It is important to know that a pre-bid and a live bid can be tied. In this case, the live bidder is the winning bidder for the item. The highest bid after the dynamic countdown ends wins the vehicle.

Vehicle Categories for Copart

COPART auto auction - Best online car auction sites
Top Three Best AUCTION Companies To Get Used Car To Nigeria

The breaker/salvage category includes parts.

  • Category C: Repairable Salvage (complete repair cost higher than seller’s market valuation at the time of the accident)
  • Category D (full cost of the repair less than the market value given by the seller at the time of the incident)
  • Category S: Repairable Construction (Owner refuses to repair damaged chassis)
  • Category N: Repairable, non-structural (no damage to chassis, but the owner does not repair).
  • Category U: it is not registered.
  • Category X: Vehicles stolen or recovered with minimal damage

What categories of cars do Nigerians buy from Copart?

Most Nigerians prefer categories C and D. This is due to the fact that most of the cars under C and D run and drive, and in addition, he charges $500 ($180,000) for cars that the carrier does not run and drive. Even US customs won’t admit that a heavily damaged car is causing an engine leak in port. So, to avoid being stuck, Nigerians opt for something that saves money and has less hassle to deliver. Although we provide high-quality images to illustrate, we encourage members to carefully inspect their vehicles before bidding. If you live outside the United States, this can be difficult, but you can hire an inspector or inspection service to do this. An independent inspection service is available on the website.

What do I need to do to bid on Copart? Copart Auction Fees and Membership

Copart offers a free membership, but this membership limits your valid use of the site. increase. I would recommend using a paid membership. Expected rates for Copart include:

  • Membership Fee

The premium membership fee is $200 ($72,000). This allows you to bid on any vehicle that does not require registration.

  • Auction Fees

Copart does not charge auction fees. However, a refundable deposit of US$400 (144,000) must be paid separately from the membership fee. With it, you can buy a car that does not require a driver’s license. If an individual does not have a license, he can purchase such a car by working through a broker. Another requirement for using is a Copart government-issued ID is required to register and use.


You now have a general idea of how to vet auctioned cars from Copart.  The mystery of buying a car from America to Nigeria is very simple.  Try it next time you buy a cheap car from the USA. For a step-by-step guide to buying a car from Copart.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it cheaper to buy a car from Copart?

In addition to the membership and auction fees, you may have to pay other fees to Copart. Other COPART fees include brokerage fee, inspection fees, clearance fees, 

Written by Carmart Team

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