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Very Poor Salary? Use These 5 Tips To Buy Any Car With A Low Income

Even though it may seem impossible to acquire a car on a modest monthly salary, there are strategies to reduce the cost. This post will explore factors to take into account when looking to buy a car on a tight budget. One of the most significant purchases you will make is a car, so it pays to carefully consider both your new vehicle and your financing alternatives. Nobody wants to become bogged down in debt.

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Having a low income can be a deterrent to your wish if you want to get a car. Cars are very expensive, and you need to understand that it might take a long time to buy the car of your dreams now unless you wish to take out a loan. 

Your income might not permit you to even take out the loan, but keep in mind that despite how expensive cars are, there are still some relatively cheap cars on the market. It is important that you check out our website to look for cars that fall within your budget. Don’t allow your salary to stand in your way; get a hood car irrespective of your income with these tips. 

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Establish your budget

How much you can spend on a car should be your first consideration. Both the purchase price and the ongoing expenses for the vehicle must be taken into account. Fuel, upkeep, insurance, and repairs can all be included in the running costs, which differ from automobile to automobile. 

There are occasions when used cars cost more to maintain than new ones. The way you drive affects running costs as well. Consider issues like “How frequently will you drive the car?” Will you exclusively use the car on paved roads, or will you also use it on dirt roads and inclines? These inquiries will aid in your estimation of potential operating expenses.

Typically, if you make the minimum wage or less, you should aim to spend no more than 20% of your monthly income on car-related expenses (including fuel, insurance, repairs, and maintenance costs). 

It’s crucial to determine a number that fits your unique circumstances, whether that means paying more or less than is advised on car expenses. Try to create a budget that includes everything you pay each month, from electricity to a mortgage. You can use this to assess how much you can afford to spend each month on auto-related costs.

Save more

Saving money over time can go a long way toward helping someone on a modest income finance a car. When you examine your spending, whether it be over a few months or a few years, you may determine where you can afford to make some adjustments. 

For instance, you could decide to temporarily live with family members rather than rent a property so that you can save money for a new car. It is definitely worthwhile to save money because putting down a higher initial deposit can help reduce the amount you’ll need to pay in monthly instalments.

Check your credit score

You should also check your credit score before making a purchase. This will inform you of the types of loans you are eligible for, which can then affect your alternatives and budget. To choose the best lender for you, it’s also crucial to inquire about the credit score and income requirements of each individual lender.

Consider Your Financing Options

It’s time to consider the numerous vehicle financing alternatives that are accessible to you once you’ve established your desired spending plan, is aware of your credit score, and have determined where you can afford to save money. 

This can involve deciding whether you want to buy, lease, or sign a rent-to-own agreement for a vehicle. You can also decide how much money you’re willing and able to spend upfront in cash. Each choice has pros, cons, and numerous financial considerations of its own.

Examine market vehicles

To pick the car that best suits your demands and budget, it is worthwhile to look at several car kinds and manufacturers. To get an idea of what to expect financially for each automobile and whether the specific car consumes a lot of gasoline and requires regular maintenance, you can read reviews and ratings about various cars and brands. You should consider whether you want to buy a new or used car. They both have benefits and drawbacks.

A used automobile would normally be much less expensive, but the ongoing expenses could be considerable if you require frequent maintenance and repairs. Although a newer automobile will often cost more money, you could save money by paying less for repairs and maintenance. The best choice might be to locate a barely used vehicle. It will be less expensive than a new car and should run smoothly, saving you money on potential repairs.


Finding the car of your dreams can be a little more difficult if you have a modest monthly income because purchasing a car is one of the most significant purchases you’ll ever make. However, you can benefit from heeding this advice. Visit our website to find out more about a used cars in Nigeria. 

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