Once in a while, the need to recognize the owner of a vehicle will emerge, possibly to report the driver for over-speeding, or any connected offences. Announcing somebody for driving carelessly is now and again energetic, it’d go far towards saving a great many other road users from getting hit down later on.

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In this article, we’ll share various steps on how you can verify plate number’s effectively, even without visiting the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) office. So, in case you want to learn about how the verification of vehicle ownership in Nigeria works, please read this article.

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The Lagos state government as a team with the State Motor Vehicle Administration Agency (MVAA) has made a site for checking your vehicle plate number verification. This site was made in an offer to help both the law authorization offices and drivers in affirming vehicle enrolment online rapidly at checkpoints. And furthermore, to stop the postponement and badgering looked at by drivers from the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) and other security offices. The site is known as the Motor Vehicle Registration Search (MVRS). It is a hunt entryway fuelled by the Lagos state service of science and innovation. The site is associated with the registry containing the enrolment subtleties of all lawfully enlisted vehicles inside Lagos and different states in Nigeria.

How to verify vehicle proof of ownership in Nigeria

How to verify vehicle proof of ownership in Nigeria
How to verify vehicle proof of ownership in Nigeria

Before you go ahead to confirm the proof of ownership of a vehicle in Nigeria, you should initially check if it’s original or not, to try not to burn through your time in the police headquarters. To check your vehicle enrolment in Nigeria, simply follow these basic steps.

1. Go to www.lsmvaapvs.org to sign on to the Motor Vehicle Registration Search site.

2. Enter the plate number in the space given for it. Try not to add space when imputing the number.

3. If your plate number is right and legitimate, the registration of your vehicle will come up. The outcome will contain the name of the vehicle owner, the car’s colour, the model of the vehicle, the undercarriage number, the date the enlistment was given, etc. If the number is either wrong or invalid, your search will return as “plate number is invalid”.

Plate number check Via SMS

In the event that you don’t have a web-based gadget, you can at present confirm the plate number through SMS by sending:

1. “VerifyPlateNo the Plate Number” to 33324.

NOTE: The VerifyPlateNo should be composed with no dividing, and the letters’ capitalisations don’t likewise make a difference. Whenever done effectively, you’d get a quick, and SMS charges may apply.

How to check car number plate owner in Nigeria

• Visit the closest police headquarters

The initial step you should take is to tell the police your goals, and why you need to recognize the vehicle’s owner. You will likewise need to persuade them that you don’t have any awful expectations for attempting to reveal the individual’s character. It very well may be that the individual was engaged in a mishap, and the personality will help in finding his/her family members.

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• You’d be given some necessary reports

In this progression, the police will give you a report for the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), showing that you reserve the privilege to reveal the plate number owner’s personality. This progression is likewise basic, as the odds of the FRSC taking care of you without it are exceptionally thin.

• Visit the FRSC office near you

There are FRSC workplaces in each Nigerian state, with some having multiple offices. You can discover the addresses of all the FRSC workplaces in Nigeria by visiting the official website.

Remember to bring the records from the police while going, as they’d approach you for it. They will likewise pose you a few inquiries to check the realness of your main goal, prior to delivering the owner’s data.

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