A few years back, car locking systems were just regular systems that used regular keys to lock, unlock and start the vehicle. But, with the improvement in technology, cars can be locked, unlocked, reset, and started without using traditional keys. 

While many people are familiar with car central locking systems, not everyone understands it. In this article, we break down the central locking system and how it operates.

What Is a Central Lock System?

Central locking systems are the opposite of traditional car locking systems. It is also known as a power or electric lock. Here, a car can only be locked or unlocked by pressing a button or switch. 

The only person that has access to the central lock system of a car is the driver or the front passenger. Once the central lock of a car is locked, only the person who has access to it can unlock it. Also, when the central lock of a car is active, the car doors lock without using the regular car key.

Types Of Central Locking Systems

For many people who know about central locks, what they might not know is that there are two types of central locks. They are;

  • Infrared Waves 
  • Radio Waves

Infrared Waves: Infrared waves were the first central lock system to appear. It functions through the emission of an infrared beam. Before a car door can be opened, it needs to be focused on the receiver before it opens. Infrared central lock systems are the ones that can be found in older model cars.

Radio Waves: These are the central lock systems used today. Their level of function is greater than that of an infrared wave. The function of this type of central lock system does not need the transmitter to be directed to the receiver before it opens a car. 

How Does A Central Locking System Work? 

For cars that use central lock systems, the key, which is the transmitter, sends the receiver a coded signal. If the signal sent corresponds with the available code in the key, the car unlocks or locks. 

If your car uses the remote radio wave, after unlocking the car, the transmitter and the receiver immediately change the Pre-programmed code. The constantly changing code is to limit the chances of the code being detected by thieves.

Many car users love this new concept of car security. Central locking systems are reducing the rate of car and car parts thefts. As such, car owners with central locking systems enjoy better car security than others. 

What Can Thieves Use To Detect A Central Lock Code?

Thieves can use code copiers. They are also known as “grabbers.” But, this risk of thieves manipulating the code of your key is reduced if your car does not use the fixed code radio remote control. 

Safety Measures If Your Car Uses The Central Locking Systems

Some cars with central locking systems take a little while before locking. So, once you leave your car, it’s essential to wait a few seconds to make sure it’s locked. 


Central locking systems are becoming rampant in Nigeria, especially those using new car versions. If your car uses a central locking system, this article will help you. 

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