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S/N Vehicles Model in Nigeria Vehicles Price in Nigeria
1. Toyota Corolla N700,000 – N2,000,000
2. Toyota Camry N600,000 – N1,500,000
3. Toyota Venza N2,500,000 – N3,700,000
4. Honda Accord N640,000 – N1,000,000
5. Lexus RX300 N800,000 – N2,900,000
6. Toyota Highlander N760,000 – N3,600,000
7. Lexus ES330 N500,000 – N2,000,000
8. Honda Pilot N800,000 – N2,800,000
9. Mercedes Benz C300 N900,000 – N4,100,000
10. Kia Rio N670,000 – N1,280,000
11. Ford Explorer N670,000 – N3,280,000

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