Understanding Why There Are Always Accidents On The Third Mainland Bridge Lagos

Understanding Why There Are Always Accidents On The Third Mainland Bridge Lagos
Understanding Why There Are Always Accidents On The Third Mainland Bridge Lagos

If you ask everyone about one bridge they pass on a common basis in Lagos State, they would tell you the Third Mainland Bridge. The most interesting thing about this bridge is that it is well-known for being the major cause of accidents in Nigeria. If it is not a container falling off, a tanker full of fuel spilling and slipping, or a ghastly car accident, then the news of this accident breaking would mostly inform you that it probably happened on the Third Mainland Bridge. You might be wondering what the causes of accidents on the bridge are. Look no further because we have the answer for you.

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One thing that makes the Third Mainland Bridge stand out is that it is one of the longest bridges that connect the Mainland to the Isles, apart from the Eko and Carter Bridges. At one point in time, it was the longest bridge in Africa, which made it so revealing. The bridge encompasses a lot of key points in Lagos, from Yaba to the Apapa-Osgood expressway, and then ends on Lagos Island. Running over a lagoon, the sturdy Third Mainland Bridge cannot help but get your attention. As one of the routes of getting to Lagos Island, daily commuters troop in thousands just to cross that bridge to their destination, and what this means is that there would be more hustle and bustle on the bridge, which would inevitably lead to more congested traffic.

Everyone who lives in Lagos is aware of the unbearable traffic that is well-known in the city. Most commuters who want to get to their jobs early have to wake up as early as 4 a.m., which doesn’t even mean that they might meet their resume deadline. This kind of thing can probably lead to a lot of stress. Now imagine if your workplace is very far from your home; you couldn’t even get enough sleep.

Working on the island and sleeping on the mainland is one of those things that you would see, and that is when, if you decide to go out by 6 am, you would be astonished at the traffic you would meet on the Third Mainland Bridge because it is one of the routes to go to and fro to the mainland. And with traffic and frustrated drivers come accidents. 

As we know, accidents are unforeseeable events that occur out of the will of another, but this doesn’t mean that there aren’t causes of accidents that are the most probable cause for them. The most deadly causes are tankers and trunks, which have become very frequent on bridges. If they aren’t falling off the bridge, they lose control and kill many. And the Third Mainland Bridge is no exception to this. This is why we have crawled this blog to keep you informed of the causes of major accidents on the Third Mainland Bridge. 

  • Always look in your mirror before passing

Nigerian drivers, who believe they are too accustomed to the road and the art of driving, frequently overtake another vehicle without using the safety mirrors that have been installed in the vehicle. No matter how long you’ve been driving, the automobile manufacturer placed the rearview mirror there for a reason. If you don’t use it, you can find yourself in a terrible scenario on the road. When preparing to pass another car, it is strongly advised that you use the mirror. When starting to move out, keep an eye out for the blind spot at all times.

  • Stay away from going too fast

Speed is deadly! It is a catchphrase used to caution drivers against going too fast for the safety of themselves and other road users. You are protecting your life, your car’s condition, and other drivers on the road around you when you stay below the posted speed limit for that particular roadway. Pay attention to your dash’s speedometer. The Third Mainland Bridge has a 70 km/hr speed limit. the Third Mainland Bridge under the motorway, and especially due to the high congestion rate, you might want to avoid going too fast so as to avoid colliding with another cat. And another thing is that there have been various videos showing cracks and bumps on the bridge, and it is not wise to overspend on it because an accident is very likely to occur. 

  • Reversing without using mirrors 

It would be quite easy for you to reverse your car because it would be so simple, but doing so without checking your side mirrors is completely unacceptable.

When reversing, you are expected to make your movement predictions as you peer into the side mirror. Without mirrors, reversing is like going completely blind, and accidents are always a possibility.

The only way to park and reverse easily in confined spaces is to use the side and rearview mirrors.

  • Do not tailgate

Don’t try to follow a car “bumper to bumper.” It isn’t as funny as you think; in fact, it’s quite annoying, especially when you are driving on a narrow bridge where everyone is trying to find their way. If you don’t want to get into an accident, avoid tailgating; if you are tailgating with an angry driver, then the possibility of hitting another car might just come true. When you drive too close to another car, especially the one in front of you on the highway, you greatly increase your chances of getting into an accident. Make sure you leave enough room for safety between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you. Making enough room will give you time to move if the vehicle in front of you suddenly stops on the highway.

You would need to keep safe if you wanted to commute on the Third Mainland Bridge every day. Although there are more incidents on the Third Mainland Bridge every day, if you properly follow the above-mentioned straightforward precautions, you should always be safe when you cross the bridge and other similar locations. Follow us and read our blogs for more informative articles.

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