Quick Steps To Kickstart An Uber Business In Nigeria

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Side hustles and side income has become a viable way through which many Nigerians survive today. With the inflation rate in the country, it’s almost impossible that a one-sided income can sustain an average Nigerian. Hence, the resort is looking for other means to earn a living. 

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For car owners, there are other lucrative ways to make money in Nigeria today. Unlike before, ride-hailing and e-ride apps have become common in Nigeria. Today, from the comfort of a home, people order rides while others earn from it. 

If you own a car in Nigeria and are looking to make some extra cash, below is a quick step on how to join Uber and make money with your car. 

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Requirements For Anyone To Start Uber Business In Nigeria

While Uber is a company located in San Francisco, USA, from Nigeria, you can become an affiliate and make money through the company. Many Nigerians who have joined Uber since it was introduced into the country make a handsome living from the e-ride app. 

Here are the requirements you’ll need to register as an affiliate on the Uber platform.

  • A valid driving license 
  • You must have completed a safety screening exercise
  • You must be from 21 upwards
  • Your vehicle needs to be in excellent working and physical condition. This includes your air conditioning, radio and four working passenger doors.
  • Your vehicle must be at least the 2002 model of any car brand
  • Your vehicle must have a valid insurance policy document 
  • You’ll need to provide a vehicle inspection report 

After you’ve provided all these documents, you’ll proceed to the documentation stage where you’ll upload them on the Uber platform, and your vehicle will be activated.

Facts About Uber Platform Every Intending Uber Driver Affiliate Must Know

  1. Uber drivers get 75% of the fare while the remaining 25% goes to Uber
  2. Uber pays weekly and the business weekends at 4 am on Monday. Drivers get a report showing your activities for the week and joe much they’re due on Tuesday and on Thursday you’ll get paid. For drivers that receive cash from Uber users, you’re required to submit all cash to your corresponding Uber Partner.
  3. Uber partners make between 40,000 to 100,000 thousand Naira weekly. This depends on the number of trips you embark on.
  4. Uber drivers need fuel-efficient cars such as Hyundai Accent, Toyota Corolla or Kia Rio for their fuel efficiency.
  5. Drivers can make as many as 100 trips per week which increases your weekly wages.
  6. You can pay for a 2 million Naira car in a few months based on your earnings from driving Uber but this could take longer if you’re using hired drivers.
  7. Over 50% of Uber rides are paid for in cash because the majority of Nigerians are not comfortable attaching card details to online platforms.
  8. Hotels and malls are excellent options when looking for rides. These places make up to 30% of the total Uber rides. 


Riding Uber is a lucrative business in Nigeria today. If you own a car that’s in good shape, Uber could easily become a solid source of earning a sustainable living in Nigeria. 

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