Rolling down the car windows instead of using the car AC is recommended to save fuel. This fuel-saving habit is widely used by many people today. Many people believe that AC accounts for more fuel consumption. This reasoning that brought about the turning off of car AC and rolling down windows to save fuel became a thing.

Everyone across the globe practice this fuel-saving measure. But, the reality is that rolling down your car window can even cause your car to consume more fuel than you imagined. Here’s how.

How Rolling Down Car Windows Consumes More Fuel

Some drivers point out that rolling down a car window affects fuel consumption. Which is to say, you might not be on the safe side even when you put off your AC. Now, how’s that even possible?

The argument is that rolling down car windows subjects the car to wind resistance, which creates drag in the car.

The result is that the resistance caused by the drag when the windows remain open results in the engine working harder and using more fuel. It can also cause the car to develop strange new issues.

So, how do you settle whether to put off your car AC or wind your windows down?

The answer from mechanical engineers is that the resistance occurs due to how you drive your car.

So, it’s not the rolled-down window that’s the issue?

The answer is that putting off car AC helps you save fuel. Rolling down your car window can also affect your car’s fuel consumption, depending on how you drive it.

However, since most people cannot determine how they’re driving, keeping your car AC on is best to avoid your car developing weird issues. Why? Fuel can be replaced quicker than you’ll need to replace a spoilt car part.

Generally, rolling down a car window might not wholly be the fuel efficiency method you thought. It could come with a new problem, or your car might still consume more fuel.

Why not enjoy your car AC and stay on the safe side?

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