Honda and Toyota cars have always been neck-and-neck when it comes down to everything, from design to porcelain, and even space has always been up for debate as to which is better. Because everyone has their favourite, irrespective of bias, you need to know that the Honda Pilot actually defeats the Toyota Highlander on most things.

The Honda vs. Toyota car debate is one that is constantly in contention; some contend that the Honda is significantly superior to the Toyota, while others concur that the Honda is the undisputed king of automobile production. Being the best in business, this situation cannot be helped in any way or form. One cannot dispute the superiority of Honda and Toyota vehicles in terms of dependability. But Toyota and Honda will face off when it comes to 2023 automobiles.

Here, the Honda Pilot and Toyota Highlander will face off.

The 2023 Honda Pilot and the 2023 Toyota Pilot are engaged in this combat in opposite corners. and we want to determine whether they are similar or which is superior. In this respect, without looking at what the automakers changed, we cannot be certain which cars from these model years are the same. To determine which car outperforms the other, we must determine whether Toyota and Hinda’s reputation for changing a few parts of their vehicles still holds true for the Honda Pilot and Toyota Highlander.

When it comes down to big cars, you would have to pick between these two, and even figuring out which is bigger can be quite confusing. Nigerians love the Highlander, but that doesn’t mean it is the best. The Honda Pilot may be an overlooked and underrated car, but for 2023, it is the winner and 

We have seen here’s why. 

For the Honda Pilot, space is everything

When buying these cars, it is not only to own luxurious SUVs but also to have the best cabin space possible, and the Pilot brings this and more than the Highlander. When you see the SUV, one thing that comes to mind is, “Omg, these cars are big,” but when you look inside the cars, the Pilot especially, you wouldn’t need us to tell you why to buy it. 

The cabins of the Honda and Toyota SUVs are where you’ll discover the biggest difference in 2023, with the Honda Pilot having a significantly more practical interior than the Toyota Highlander. The Highlander seems to focus more on outdoing itself in terms of features than being practical, which the Toyota is known for. With the Touring and Elite trims, which are available for the 2023 Honda Pilot, the vehicle features an “on-demand” eight-passenger seating arrangement. Owners can use this function to remove the middle seat from the second row and stow it beneath the cargo floor in the back.

talk about modern torch

It is considerably simpler to utilize the Honda SUV as a seven-person vehicle with this middle seat removed because the second row has a pass-through to the back. This choice is not available in the Toyota Highlander, which focuses more on having very eye-catching features than anything else. You have to use the seating arrangement that was purchased, which isn’t exactly entertaining. 

The Honda Pilot TrailSport alters the rules of the game.

2023 Honda Pilot
2023 Honda Pilot

The majority of SUVs do not provide an off-roading version. Most people agree today that the Toyota Highlander is good for off-roading, but it can’t really compare to the Trail Sport because going off-road wasn’t really what it was built for. Although these Vehicles are designed for families, it is notwithstanding the fact that these cars can take you practically anywhere in Nigeria, damaged roads and all.  A TrailSport trim with off-road equipment and capabilities is now available on the new 2023 Honda Pilot. We know the reason for this, and it’s pretty cool to have a unique trim that most SUVs don’t have, like the Highlander’s.

A few of the great features of the new Pilot TrailSport trim include an off-road-tuned suspension, higher ground clearance, and hill-descent control.

Is the Honda Pilot less expensive than the Toyota Highlander in 2023?

These two SUVs have very comparable price ranges.  The Pilot is slightly more affordable than the Highlander, though there’s not a major price difference.

You need to dig deeper to find the features that set two comparable automobiles apart from one another. But this may be a determining factor for some, but you need to know that the 2023 Honda Pilot is relatively a little cheaper than the Highlander. The base price of the Pilot is N28,000,000, while the Toyota Highlander goes for N31,000,000, a small difference in the scheme of things, but for the features of the Honda Pilot, you wouldn’t even blink to buy it. 

In comparison to the Toyota Highlander, the 2023 Honda Pilot has a few advantages, including lower pricing, a better sound system, more cargo space, versatile seating, and an off-road variant.

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