Buy and Sell Trucks in Nigeria – The importance and usefulness of trucks and trailers can never be underestimated. As we humans are always looking for one reason or the other to transport goods and items much bigger than us, trailers and trucks have become the modern man’s beast of burden.

A lot of people feed on the need to transport heavy items by having trucks and trailers for rent. This is a really lucrative business and common business in the world, including Nigeria. As a matter of fact, more people are delving into this business every day.

However, if there is any factor that mostly drives people away from this business, it is the risk involved in the business. Forget for a moment that it could be capital-intensive I you’re just looking to start. Accidents involving trailers are often fatal and expensive. Nevertheless, if you are willing to take precautions against this risk (through insurance), the truck rental business is a great one.


I don’t want to assume that anyone that is looking to buy a truck is only looking to put it up for rent. Some companies own many trailers for conveying their own heavy-duty items. So, whatever it is you plan on using a trailer for, two questions at worth answering. “How much does a trailer cost in Nigeria?” and “where can I buy a trailer in Nigeria?”.

To address the first question;

How much does a trailer cost in Nigeria?

The prices of trailers, like cars, buses, or any other vehicle, depend on many factors, such as the manufacturer and whether you’re buying it brand new or used. If you’re buying a used trailer, is it a foreign used (tokunbo) trailer? Or is it a Nigerian-used trailer? Also, what is the condition of the trailer and why is it being sold? Are you buying the head alone or you’re buying it complete with the body?

Considering all these factors, I can only estimate a range of prices of trailers in Nigeria. You might find that your own trailer costs more or less than the price range here. It is a possibility. However, these prices are generic prices.

How much is a brand new trailer in Nigeria?

China SinoTrucks
China SinoTrucks

The price of a brand new Trailer in Nigeria falls within the range of N15 million and N25 million. Of course, you would be buying a full trailer, complete with the head and the body. 

How much is a foreign used (tokunbo) trailer in Nigeria?

The prices of tokunbo trailers in Nigeria often fall within the N10 million to N40 million price range. However, you can choose to buy the head alone for less. The body could cost as much as N3 million. These trailers are often imported from the United Kingdom, Germany or Belgium.

How much is a Nigerian used trailer?

The prices of Nigerian used trailers often fall within the N7 million to N17 million price range. Also, you can choose to just buy the head and rent the body on a monthly basis. Renting the body could cost as much as N100,000.

Now to the second main question:

Where can I buy a trailer or a truck in Nigeria?

Carmart Nigeria

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