It shouldn’t come as a surprise if you’re looking to buy a new car that brand and manufacturer matter. A new vehicle’s manufacturer selection involves more than just cost and appearance. The ideal automaker will prioritize similar factors and create vehicles that are tailored to your requirements.

Some manufacturers place a strong emphasis on safety, while others place an emphasis on potency and effectiveness, while still others seek to improve handling and pavement performance. What about Lexus vs. Toyota, though? Given that there are many similarities between these two brands, including the fact that they are both owned by the same manufacturer, Toyota Motors, what distinguishes them from one another and which choice is preferable for which kind of consumer? Because Toyota and Lexus have traditionally shared platforms, the distinction between the two brands has become less distinct over time.

Even Toyota’s entry-level models now come equipped with high-end features and audio systems, leather interiors, moonroofs, and other luxuries that are in line with industry standards. 

Toyota vs Lexus
Toyota vs Lexus

The near-luxury status of several higher-grade Toyota sedans and SUVs further calls into question the basis for Lexus’ higher price.

Toyota vs. Lexus: Performance

One of the most crucial features of any decent car is performance. Although it can be challenging to measure performance, it often consists of a combination of acceleration, control, turning radius, ease of handling, road vibration, noise, and all-weather performance.

With turbocharged engines and performance-oriented trims, both Toyota and Lexus provide cars that provide the goods. 

Even the formerly unassuming Toyota Camry is now offered in performance-oriented TRD trim, and the Toyota 86 continues to be a strong competitor among two-seat sports cars.

The Lexus LC, a classy and refined coupe with a sumptuous interior, athletic and composed handling, and a standard 471-horsepower V8 engine, serves as the industry standard for these companies. The choice here is Lexus, and there are very obvious reasons why. For starters, Lexus offers a greater variety of sports cars than other manufacturers, and a good sports car must have a strong performance.

Additionally, Lexus vehicles typically boast top-tier suspension, more potent engines, and aerodynamic profiles, all of which contribute to an improvement in total road performance.

Although one must admit that Lexus automobiles typically outperform Toyota models, this does not imply that Toyotas are underwhelming. When put up against a Lexus, the Toyota still provides good performance value when compared to cars in the same class from other manufacturers.

Toyota vs Lexus: Interior, Design, and Cargo

Toyota vs Lexus Interior
Toyota vs Lexus Interior

The ease of driving or riding as a passenger in a new car is a crucial factor to take into account.  After all, most individuals feel more at ease in a car that is both comfortable and attractive. There is no denying that Toyota produces some very lovely interiors that are expertly put together and have high-quality components and finishes. Particularly opulent, particularly in higher versions, is the Avalon big sedan.

Nevertheless, Lexus raises the bar with most of its models. A nice illustration is the Lexus LS. The LS, which is sized similarly to the Avalon, has a stylish cabin with many high-tech amenities.

Interior design for Lexus vehicles typically receives a little more consideration and time. This category is won by the luxury brand Lexus thanks to the extra touches, better upholstery (including leather), and additional trim level options that are available with most Lexus automobiles.

Toyota vs. Lexus: Price and Value

It’s a little more difficult to choose a winner when comparing the pricing and worth of the automobiles because different buyers’ values and certain characteristics differ depending on their preferences. Despite this, we’re still going to award Toyota in this category due to its clear advantage in affordable pricing.

That’s not to argue that Lexus pricing doesn’t represent a fair value given all the extra benefits that come with owning a Lexus. As opposed to consumers who will be able to reasonably afford a Lexus, a lot more consumers will be able to afford a Toyota, and they offer good value for that price. For these reasons, Toyota has to be the winner.

Toyota vs Lexus: Safety Features

When it comes to safety, Toyota and Lexus are a little bit more comparable. While Toyota typically reserves the majority of its high-value designs and equipment for the Lexus brand, neither company skimps on safety.

Despite this, Lexus maintains a modest advantage over Toyota since their cars simply have more safety measures. In some circumstances, this might entail adding additional airbags, but it could also entail adding more driver assistance features, backup cameras, and other safety features.

In the end, both automakers place a premium on safety, but Lexus has higher test and performance scores.

Toyota vs. Lexus: Model Diversity and Types

This category, which deals with a variety of models and vehicle types manufactured under the name, is the last one in the comparison.

We’ll have to give Toyota the win in this category. Compared to Lexus, Toyota produces a far broader variety of distinct vehicle types and model variations within each type. That is partially due to the brand objectives. 

Toyota aims to cater to a far wider portion of the automotive industry than Lexus, which produces more sports cars and luxury cars.

Toyota, thus naturally, provides a wider selection.


Both brands offer significant advantages and minor disadvantages. Having said that, both of these brands offer dependable cars from a respectable selection of makes and models to the right consumer.

Between Toyota and Lexus, Lexus is generally going to be the superior brand for you if you’re looking for more of a luxury sports car.

However, Toyota might be a better choice for you if you’re looking for a versatile vehicle that can handle any task or want a wide range of options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I buy a Toyota or Lexus?

Although they are both manufactured by the same company, There are notable differences. The Lexus is a more affluent option. If you are looking for affordability and variety, then you can choose the Toyota.

Where can I buy a second hand Lexus car in Nigeria?

You can get your pre-owned or brand new Lexus series at Carmart. Take a look through our website, and you will see the variety of cars we have for sale. You can also reach us via our other platforms.

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