The Toyota brand is arguably the most popular car brand in Nigeria. In fact, not only in Nigeria, Toyota Motor Corporation is one of the leading auto manufacturers worldwide. Toyota is highly preferred amongst car owners in Nigeria due to its durability, fuel economy, availability of spare parts and high resale value.

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Perhaps you are in the market shopping for your next new Toyota car, and you are just confused about what the letters LE, XLE, SE, CE etc mean. You often see these letters on various Toyota cars on the road and they just leave you confused. Today is the day that confusion ends as gives you all the Toyota trims and their meaning in this article. Make sure you read till the end.

Toyota Trims

Toyota has a wide array of vehicle models ranging from cars, hatchbacks, trucks, SUVs etc. These different models further come in different trim levels to offer customers different options to choose from.

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Toyota trims refer to the category of features, performance, and packages that you will get from that particular car. In order words, it determines what you should expect in the car. There are different levels of trim. The lowest trim level, also called the entry-level or base model, would contain the least features of the model.

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List Of All Toyota Trim Acronyms And Their Meaning

S/NToyota AcronymsMeaning
1CEClassic Edition
3.L Entry-level
4 LELuxury Edition
6SESport Edition
7SLESport Luxury Edition
8SRSport Rally
9SR5Sport Rally 5-Speed
10VEValue Edition
11XLExecutive Luxury
12XLEExecutive Luxury Edition
13XLSExecutive Luxury Sport
14XRExtreme Rally
15XSEExtreme Sport Edition
16XRSExtreme Rally Sport

Toyota Trim Levels Explained

  • CE: It is the base or entry-level car for Toyota. Other models have L as the entry-level. So for a Corolla 2007 CE, which is quite popular in Nigeria, there would be standard air conditioning, power-adjustable side mirrors, and a CD stereo. Higher trim models would have more features like the LE etc will have more standard features.
  • LE: LE meaning luxury edition is an upgrade of the CE. It has all the features of CE with other added standard features. Its additional features include keyless entry, power windows, and electroluminescent power gauges. It has more comfortable seats and also offers more colour options.
  • SE: SE meaning sport edition is another Toyota trims that have a more sporty appearance with better handling. They tend to be faster and more aesthetic than other trims. It has front and rear underbody spoilers and rocker panels along with power door locks and interior chrome trim among others.
  • XLE: meaning Executive Luxury Edition has luxurious features as you can rightly denote from the name. It would give you standard features, plus all the features of the luxury edition and then all the optional features for the model would be standard on the XLE.
  • XSE: meaning Extreme Sports Edition is an advanced sporty edition of Toyota trims. A good example is the Toyota Avalon XSE.

The basic rule of all Toyota trims is that; the trim determines the value you will get from the car. The prices of the various trims also vary.

Toyota Models And Trims Available

Toyota ModelTrim
4RunnerSR5, Trail, Limited, TRD Pro
AvalonXLE, XLE Plus, XLE Premium, Touring, Limited
Avalon HybridXLE Plus, Premium, Limited
Camry HybridLE, SE, XLE
Corolla   L, LE, LE Eco, XLE, SE, 50th Anniversary Special Edition, XSE
HighlanderLE, LE Plus, XLE, Limited
Highlander HybridLimited
RAV4LE, XLE, Limited, Platinum
RAV4 HybridXLE, Limited
SequoiaSR5, Limited, Platinum
Sienna L, LE, SE, XLE, Limited
TacomaSR, SR5, TRD Sport, TRD Off-Road, Limited, TRD Pro
Tundra  SR, SR5, Limited, Platinum, 1794 Edition, TRD Pro
YarisL, LE, SE
Priusc, v, prime

Toyota Models With One Trim Option

Currently, there are four Toyota models that have only one trim option. The;

  • Toyota 86
  • Corolla iM,
  • Land Cruiser, and
  • Yaris iA

Though each comes in one grade, you can opt for additional packages if you so desire.

Toyota Prius Trim Levels

The Toyota Prius does not follow the typical Toyota trim levels. They have their unique labelling including Toyota Prius c, v and prime to show their place in the Toyota lineup.


Toyota has done a great job in ensuring car buyers have whatever they are looking for in a car without having to break their wallets. The higher the trim, the more expensive it is.

Now, I hope you are no more confused about the Toyota trim acronyms and what they mean.

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