The Toyota Granvia VX is a vehicle that fills the gap in Toyota’s lineup left by the retirement of the long-serving Tarago. The Granvia model is solely right seaters and has a premium price that is more suited to high-end hospitality and buyers would love this for daily use and large families. The Toyota Granvia model lasted from 2019-2021.

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2019 Toyota Granvia

2019 Toyota Granvia
2019 Toyota Granvia
Brand new 2019 Toyota GranviaN40 Million
Nigerian used 2019 Toyota GranviaN30 Million
Foreign used 2019 Toyota GranviaN36 Million

This was made by Toyota as a result of the slow sales of the other Toyota SUVs, they needed to adapt to meet the needs and expectations of their customers so as to yield good revenue. Equipped with 6 seats but can be configured to suit 8 people but that is going to incur more expenses as expected. It is powered by a 2.8L turbo-diesel engine that is fixed with a 6-speed automatic transmission.  It uses a 17-inch alloy wheel, dual sliding doors, reclining seats and rain-sensing wipers.

It also comes with some safety features as with all other models e.g. 9 airbags, autonomous emergency braking, road sign assist, lane departure alert and auto-high beam with many more features. The control attached to the vehicle is easy to reach and use making it comfortable for the captain and passengers. The vehicle is packed with luxury features so for you to get a hold of it, you need to be someone of high class to be able to afford it too and by doing that you can also afford the maintenance of the vehicle to ensure its servicing every 6 months. It can also be purchased by a company that wants to be using it for business purposes and transfer or move its top employees or clients. This model had to be made because people were no longer buying the Toyota HiAce, improvement was needed which allowed them to come about with the Toyota Granvia. Best suited for a small family movement and also it is basically a people mover vehicle so it is not advisable to use it for cargo movement because of its towing capacity and gross weight.

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2020 Toyota Granvia

2020 Toyota Granvia Price In Nigeria, Review And Buying Guide
2020 Toyota Granvia Price In Nigeria, Review And Buying Guide
Brand new 2020 Toyota GranviaN55 Million
Nigerian used 2020 Toyota GranviaN45 Million
Foreign used 2020 Toyota GranviaN48 Million

Extremely recommended for family travel or a concert tour because of its gorgeous interior and aggressive exterior which can withstand the roughest roads. It interior of the vehicle is suiting and it is also similar to that of the first-class ticket level of a plane. Soft seats made with ottoman and quality clothing, adjustable headrest to make the passengers or clients comfortable. There is also the armrest to ensure that the captain is sitting in a comfortable position.

2020 Toyota Granvia Price
2020 Toyota Granvia Price

The vehicle is equipped with sliding doors to allow for easy and smart entry into the vehicle. Comes with an aggressive in-built 7GR-FKS engine that doesn’t make much noise. Some of the safety features that are included are Pre-collision System, Lane Departure Alert, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, Blind Spot Monitor, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, and Panoramic View Monitor to make driving safer. The exterior features are the headlights, daytime running lights with chrome fittings which allows it to look superior. It has fog lights as one of its safety features which are at all the other sides of the vehicle. There is also the front camera and the rear camera. It is also equipped with 17-inch alloy wheels and also rear parking sensors as safety features.

2021 Toyota Granvia

2021 Toyota Granvia
2021 Toyota Granvia
Brand new 2021 Toyota GranviaN60 Million
Nigerian used 2021 Toyota GranviaN47 Million
Foreign used 2021 Toyota GranviaN52 Million

The 2021 Toyota Granvia comes with a standard 8 seats and it is also a rear-wheel 4 door drive that is supported by a 2.8L diesel turbo 4 engine that uses a six-speed auto transmission. Dimensions come in 78.3inches in height, 208.7inches in length of the vehicle, ground clearance of 179mm. Better safety features than its predecessor which makes it easier to use. More comfortable captain seats with better technological enhancement are within the reach of the driver.

toyota granvia 2021 interior
toyota granvia 2021 interior

It is basically made to suit the movement of people from one place to another without any discomfort. It mainly comes in a 6 seat vehicle but can be configured into an 8 seat vehicle which is going to need precise and careful planning because it is going to take more space and it is more costly to configure it into an 8 seat vehicle. It is made in different colours like white, black and silver. It has the ottoman feature and adjustable seats so as to suit the needs and wants driver or the passenger. The air conditioning vents for all passengers are present and also features USB ports and cup holders. The back door of the vehicle is operated manually which allows for it to open up with a little bit of space to take hold of the luggage owned by the clients.

Buying Guide For The Toyota Granvia

The following is a buying guide for the Toyota Granvia. They include;

  1. Budget: In anything you do, always make sure you have a budget. The Toyota Granvia is quite costly as opposed to other Toyota brands but can still be affordable if you make plans and set a budget towards it.
  2. Inspection: Inspect every part of the car before giving out your money. Some fake dealers can give you fake cars at the same price of the original ones and scam you so you have to be careful about that.

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