Toyota Coaster Bus In Nigeria: Prices, Review, And Specs

Toyota Coaster Bus In Nigeria Prices, Review, And Specs
Toyota Coaster Bus In Nigeria Prices, Review, And Specs

Toyota Motor Corporation has consistently produced durable models of cars and buses fitted for both commercial and personal use. One of such buses is the Toyota Coaster. The huge bus is quite popular on Nigerian roads, and it’s often used for both commercial and executive purposes.

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The first production of the Toyota Coaster was in 1969, and ever since it has been in production. In 1969 the 1st generation of the Coaster was released, the 2nd generation following in 1982, and the 3rd generation in 1993. The 3rd generation Toyota Coaster got face-lifts in 2001 and 2007, which gave it a more modern look. The 4th generation which is the current generation of the Toyota Coaster was released in late 2016. The current generation, which is the fourth generation, known as the B60/B70 has been in production since 22 December 2016 and shows distinctive upgrades from preceding generations.

Toyota Coaster Bus In Nigeria
Toyota Coaster Bus In Nigeria

If you have an occasion, and you need a bus with comfortable to convey your guests, Toyota Coaster isn’t a bad choice to make. In this article, we bring you Toyota Coaster buses available for sale in Nigeria, prices and reviews.

Toyota Coaster Interior

Toyota Coaster Interior
Toyota Coaster Interior

Toyota Coaster’s interior is outstanding. The inner space has a welcoming spacious environment. With seating capacity for 26- 30 passengers variants, there is enough headroom and legroom for all. The driver can keep in touch with the inbuilt Bluetooth communications system. Also, travel information can be relayed to the passengers via a Public Address (PA) system and microphone.

To add to the comfort of your ride, the Coaster bus comes with features like airbags, AC, power steering, and automatic doors. It also comes with four speakers, an AM/FM radio,, a 3-point seat belt for every passenger, Vinyl seats, and in the recent models, there are CD and MP3 outlets. Inside, you don’t have to bear the hot weather without, the bus comes fitted with AC enough to keep the entire room cosy.

Toyota Coaster Exterior

The most conspicuous feature of the exterior of the Coaster bus is the windshield, enlarged for increased outward visibility. The windows too are spacious enough to ensure passengers who like to enjoy the beautiful scenery while travelling can comfortably do so.

Visible in the exterior also are large rear stop lights and extremely powerful headlamps.

Toyota Coaster Engine

Toyota Coaster Engine
Toyota Coaster Engine

Toyota Coaster comes available in both automatic and manual transmission with non-turbo and turbo-engine. The drive train of the Toyota Coaster is powerful and durable, making long trips relaxing and swift.

A robust 4.0L OHV Turbo-diesel with a 6-speed automatic transmission that runs miles away with ease is available in both Toyota Coaster Standard and Toyota Coaster Deluxe, delivering a maximum power of 110KW.

Toyota Coaster Fuel Efficiency

The Toyota Coaster features a 95-litre fuel tank with an average fuel economy of 7.7km/l.

Toyota Coaster  Safety Features

Toyota Coaster bus comes with a premium safety kit to ensure the safety of both driver and passengers. Safety features available includes:

  • two-point type seatbelt with an emergency locking retractor
  • Anti-skid Braking System that uses modern electronics
  • hydraulic actuator that compares and adjusts wheel speeds when braking
  • sophisticated gravel road strategy to ensure that the tyres brake through loose gravel to maximize stopping power.
  • visible side turns signal indicator.

The current model series available for the Toyota Coaster includes;

  • Toyota Coaster Standard
  • Toyota Coaster Standard with Air Conditioning
  • Toyota Coaster Deluxe

Toyota Coaster Toyota Coaster Specs


  • Dimensions (lxwxh) in mm : 6990 x 2275 x 2635
  • Ground clearance (mm) : 185
  • Wheelbase (mm) : 3935


  • Curb weight (kg) : 3635
  • Fuel tank capacity (L) : 95
Toyota Coaster
Toyota Coaster

Toyota Coaster Bus Prices

The price for the Coaster varies depending on the year, model, and features available. Both fairly used and brand new are sold in the Nigerian auto market. Below are the prices of Toyota Coaster Buses available for sale:

Brand New Toyota Coaster Bus₦37 million – ₦83 million
Foreign used Toyota Coaster Bus₦15 million – ₦38 million
Fairly used Toyota Coaster Bus₦9.8 million – ₦17.5 million
Nigerian-used Toyota Coaster₦4 million – ₦14.3 million

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