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Toyota And Mercedes Benz in Nigeria – Which One Is The Best On Nigerian Roads?

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Toyota and Mercedes Benz are two major cars that have dominated all car models all around the world. They are also among the top automobile makers in the world. These two firms have been in existence for over a decade and have a reputation for manufacturing the best vehicle models there are. The only difference between these two automakers is that they use different techniques to design their car models because they target different market segments.

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Mercedes produces cars that are for the rich and classy people and Toyota’s cars are based on fuel efficiency and are for the middle or lower classes because they are cheaper but still, there are some Toyota models that are luxury cars and target rich and well-to-do market segments.

About Toyota in Nigeria

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Toyota is one of the largest automakers in the world. It is headquartered in Japan and has other branches in different parts of the world. Toyota started production of cars in the late 1930s and it has been making various models such as SUVs and even trucks. In the late 1990s, Toyota started producing hybrid model cars because of the demand for more environmentally friendly cars.

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Toyota targets both the high class and low class in its production of cars. Low-class or middle-class vehicles are characterized by majorly fuel-efficient and cheap running-cost vehicles that are easy to maintain. Also, spare parts are made available and this actually increases the demand for the vehicle types. The vehicles for the high class are characterized by luxury from start to finish such as the Lexus models which attend to the needs of those who want more expensive cars. Toyota also follows market trends and goes with what is needed in the market at that moment such as the production of hybrid cars. The name alone attracts customers to them.

About Mercedes Benz in Nigeria

Mercedes-Benz is a multinational company that produces different automobiles such as buses, coaches, cars, and buses. Its headquarters is in Germany and it has a parent company called Daimler-Benz. The first car model produced by Mercedes was in 1886 and it ran on petrol. The first model that was launched into the market was launched in 1901. This means that Mercedes is the oldest automaker of all time.

After these years, the company has grown vastly and has a strong reputation for producing luxurious cars. Mercedes majorly caters to people of the high class who prefer four-door sedans, SUVs, Coupes, and Sportscars. The only problem with Mercedes models is that they are not fuel-efficient. Since they are fast-speeding cars, they consume fuel more than anything and release high carbon dioxide emissions that could be harmful to the atmosphere and humans. In 2010, Mercedes began production of vehicles with safety features as opposed to environmental conservative or luxurious car models. Some of the safety features included are lane assists, night view assists, attention assists, and blind-spot detection features.

Which brand is good for Nigerian roads?

The Nigerian automobile market has become a major place to purchase vehicles with huge market potential. The sad thing is the poor road network Nigeria has and the low purchasing power of its citizens because of recent economic inflations which have negatively had an impact on the number of people that purchase a new car yearly. In the past, just a few car brands were available but as the years go on, automobiles are becoming vaster and people who could not afford certain cars before can now purchase any car of their choice based on the income they earn.

On Nigerian roads, you would notice a lot of Toyota models owned by many people. Not because it is affordable but because it is the best for Nigerian roads. Some factors need to be put in place when considering buying a new car if you are going to be driving it on Nigerian roads. These factors include;

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  1. Bad Roads: Nigeria generally does not have smooth running roads for long distances like there are in other countries. Things like potholes and high bumps can destroy a car if not carefully driven. If this occurs, it would have to be repaired and the cost of repairing a Toyota is cheaper than that of Mercedes since Toyota has spare parts readily available.
  2. Traffic Congestion: Mercedes is built to speed on roads but the Toyota rides calmly and smoothly. In a case where there is traffic congestion in Nigeria, the Mercedes would only cause a major threat to the atmosphere of people around there because it produces a lot of emissions, unlike the Toyota.
  3. Crime Rate: In a place like Nigeria where robberies occur on roads nowadays, getting a Mercedes-Benz would only call attention to the robbers because it would show off its luxurious look. The Toyota looks simple and even though some models may also call for attention, it would not be as quick as the Mercedes-Benz.

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