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Top Safest & Most Affordable Tokunbo Honda Cars to Buy in 2023

Is The 2020 Honda Accord A Reliable Car To Buy Today
Is The 2020 Honda Accord A Reliable Car To Buy Today

Whether you’re a new driver who just got your driver’s license or searching for a replacement for an existing family vehicle, many buyers place safety at the top of the list when buying cars (right next to affordability). Automakers like Toyota and Honda have a reputation for providing a wide range of sedans to minivans and safety features at a price you can afford.

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Honda is setting a new standard in safety on their 2021 Odyssey minivan, building upon their well-established record on cars like the HR-V, and Accord. However, These experts teamed up to list the vehicles with the best safety records to help consumers make an informed choice. Their list included five Hondas that are both safe and affordable.

Criteria for Determining Safe and Affordable Cars

The Consumer Reports/IIHS list includes new and used cars at low prices, allowing buyers to invest in the safest options regardless of their budget. They separated their list into the “Best Choices” and “Good Choices.”

“Best Choices” have a rating of good moderate overlap front, side, roof strength, and head restraint tests crash test ratings by IIHS or 4 to 5-star ratings by NHTSA for similar categories and a good or acceptable rating on the driver-side small overlap front test. Cars on this list also have above-average reliability scores. These autos must stop within 145 feet when dry braking from 60 to 0 mph and have a lower-than-average frequency of medical and personal injury insurance claims.

“Good Choices” must meet the same crash testing, higher than average reliability, and braking criteria as “Best Choices,” but have a lower rating on the driver-side small overlap front test and/or have higher than average medical and personal frequency injury insurance claims.

The Honda Insight Made the List

2021 Honda Insight
Honda Insight

2019 to 2021 model Honda Insights make the “Best Choice” list due to their stellar performance on IIHS crash test ratings, which earned them Top Safety Pick + status. The Insight received good crash test ratings across the board with the added “plus” rating for child seat anchoring while receiving a “superior” rating for vehicle-to-vehicle front crash prevention. 

The Honda Accord Made the List

Used 2018 Honda Accord
Used 2018 Honda Accord

The Accord has been one of Honda’s most reliable midsize car offerings for a very long time. The CR/IIHS “Best Choice” list includes Accords from 2013 and newer models. The Accord did not receive “good” ratings across the board, receiving an acceptable rating for its structure and safety cage. 

The “plus” rating for child seat anchoring was added to the Accord as well, but only a “basic” rating for vehicle-to-vehicle front crash prevention.

The Honda CR-V and HR-V Equally Made the List

2020 Honda CR-V
2020 Honda CR-V

Two of Honda’s small SUVs appear on the CR/IIHS list. Honda CR-Vs from model years 2015-2016 as well as 2019 and newer received “good” ratings across the board, except for 2015-2016 models, which received a “moderate” rating for child seat anchoring. 

CR-Vs with vehicle-to-vehicle front crash prevention received a “superior” rating as well. The HR-V from the 2017-2018 model years, build after March 2017, received an “acceptable” overall evaluation, which included a “moderate” rating for child seat anchoring and a “poor” rating for its headlights. 

The HR-V during these model years did not include vehicle-to-vehicle front crash prevention. Both of these SUVs fall near the middle of the affordability scale price tag.

The Honda Odyssey Made the Coveted List

2008 Honda Odyssey
2008 Honda Odyssey

The CR/IIHS list includes the 2015 and 2016 Honda Odyssey. These models received “good” ratings in all areas, except for their structure and safety cage, “acceptable.” Honda Odyssey models that include vehicle-to-vehicle crash prevention received a “basic” rating for that feature. 

Buy Honda Cars if Your Main Focus is Safety and Affordability

Buyers focused on safety, will find a reliable range of choices among Honda offerings from 2013 models up to current models. Besides, the safe models listed on the CR/IIHS list are also affordable options for budget-conscious shoppers. Choose a Honda if you hope to combine the highest level of safety with affordability.

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