It’s just as vital to know how to drive over flooded roads in Nigeria as it is to know some of the best-recommended automobile models to buy if you live in a flood-prone area. If you intend to drive across flooded roads, your vehicle’s ride height and ground clearance are the first and most critical considerations. Yes, the farther you can get your vehicle from the ground, the better. Although most of the reasons why a vehicle can’t go through a flood are because it is designed.

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Here are some reasons why most cars can’t drive through flooded roads.

Position of the Air channel

In most cars, the air channel which is present in every car and allows air to go to the engine is located at the lower part of the car and once the car goes into the water, it immediately enters the car to the engine and destroys it. This is especially true for vehicles that are closer to the ground.

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Brainbox (ECU) position

The brainbox position is also another factor to consider.  In some cars, the ECU is located in the lower areas of the car, so when driving through the flood, the water goes to the brainbox and ends up getting destroyed.

Electric power steering

Also, the location of the power steering wheel is another. Because it is positioned in the lower parts of some cars, it goes straight to it and destroys it when driving through a flood. Toyota, Kia, and Hyundai are the top three automobiles in Nigeria for driving through flooded roads.

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