There are certain products that, when added to your car, make your car feel brand new. Sometimes, after using a car for a long time, it gradually wears off. To maintain your car’s look, you introduce some external products. These products are very beneficial to Nigerian car owners considering a majority of Nigerians buy used cars. 

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To make your used or old car look decent, you will need some products to do the magic. However, buying certain products in Nigeria keeps becoming expensive. But here are some cheap and affordable products you can use to enhance the look of your car.

Fuel Additives

Fuel Additives Help Save Your Engine While Your Motorcycle Is in Storage
Fuel Additives Help Save Your Engine While Your Motorcycle Is in Storage

Additives are liquid products you pour into your engine/fuel tank to enhance your car’s performance as it ages. These additives help boost your car’s performance so it can perform like it did when you first bought it. Some additives to try out are; 

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  • Valve Clean
  • Octane Booster
  • Speedtech

However, be careful with additives because when you use too much on cars that aren’t high-performance normally, it starts to weaken some parts of the car. Only use them at least once a month.

Tyre Polish

Car Tyre Spray Polish
Car Tyre Spray Polish

Car tires look nice when washed and start looking brand new again. But over time, the car tires no longer look black when you wash them. It’s a result of accumulated dirt daily. It makes the car tire lose its signature deep black colour and the tire now starts fading off. 

With tire polish, you can make your car tires look very dark, and the polish comes in various forms. The homemade tire polish is made with sugar, oil, vinegar, and other ingredients. There’s also the wax form polish you can apply to your tires. There’s also an available spray polish to apply.

Correct Fluids & Coolants

Correct Fluids & Coolants
Correct Fluids & Coolants

To make your car always feel brand new, use the recommended coolant and fluids for the car. These fluids and coolants help the car to remain in its best and pristine condition at all times. 

Car Wax

Car waxing involves applying products to your car’s exterior panel
Car waxing involves applying products to your car’s exterior panel

Car waxing involves applying products to your car’s exterior panel/painted area that will allow it to be fully protected from the harsh conditions that your car faces every day from the weather and dust. Waxing your car regularly helps maintain the exterior paint of your car, making it feel brand new after many years. 

This means that you can remain intact, and the resale value increases as well. Car waxing can be done manually or with a buffing machine. However, manual waxing is more labour-intensive and time-consuming.

Cleaning Gel

Car Cleaning Gel
Car Cleaning Gel

A car cleaning gel is a putty-like material that helps you eliminate any form of dent stuck onto your car vents. Air vents are very difficult to reach when cleaning a car. Over time, debris gathers there, making the plastics lose their colour and original form. With the gel, you can plug it in and move it until it takes out the first and any unwanted materials from the vent.

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Owning these products will help you maintain your car better. The even more interesting price is that you’ll buy each one of them for under ₦‎5,000 in any car parts store in Nigeria.

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