Toyota is one car brand with a series of vehicles ranging from sedans to SUVs, Minivans, and pickup trucks. A good number of these Toyota cars can also be found in Nigeria. While some dealerships specialize in a particular car model, others sell varieties of different models. 

In this article, we share the prices of different Toyota cars in Umuahia Abia State. If you want to buy Toyota cars in Umuahia, here are the prices you’ll get these vehicles for. Keep reading below to see the price list.

Current Prices Of Toyota Cars In Umuahia, Abia State

Are you wondering how many Toyota cars are sold in Umuahia? This article breaks down the prices of different Toyota cars available in Umuahia and how much you’ll get them for. Keep checking below to know the 2023 prices in the state.

Toyota Cars Current Price in Umuahia
2018 Toyota Highlander (White Exterior & Black Interior) Full Option25 Million
2010 Toyota RAV4 LE8 Million
2018 Toyota Highlander XLE24 Million
2014 Toyota Land Cruiser (Premium Edition)33 Million
2014 Toyota RAV4 LE12.5 Million
2014 Toyota Venza (Full Option)11.5 Million
2015 Toyota Highlander LE18.5 Million
2014 Toyota RAV4 XLE14 Million
2012 Toyota RAV4 LE10.5 Million
2014 Toyota Highlander LE16.5 Million
2015 Toyota Venza LE14 Million

About The Toyota Car Brand

Toyota car brand first came into Nigeria in 1965 and b y1976, the number of Toyota distributors in the country grew in large numbers. About 10 years afterwards, the Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan appointed two additional distributors due to poor performance from some of the previously appointed distributors.

Since 1965 till date, the popularity of Toyota cars has grown in large numbers in Nigeria. Almost ⅔ of the vehicles found on Nigerian roads are Toyota cars. Their vehicles in Nigeria range from compact sedans to SUVs, Minivans, and pickup trucks. Toyota vehicles are also considered the most reliable vehicles in Nigeria today.

Why You Should Buy Cars In Umuahia, Abia State

Lagos is not the only place to buy cars in Nigeria. There are many other states where cars are sold. Umuahia is one of those places. If you live in Umuahia, here are some of the reasons why you should buy cars from Umuahia instead:

  • The car dealers are closer to you 
  • You won’t need to spend on transportation to go and buy cars
  • There are a variety of cars sold in Umuahia 
  • You can easily lay complaints to car dealers when issues arise


If you are in Umuahia and looking for where to buy used Toyota vehicles, the price list above shows you how much you can get various prices of used Toyota vehicles in the state.

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