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Top 9 Cheapest Nissan Cars Less Than N1,000,000

One of the most affordable automobile brands on the market is Nissan. Let’s look at the Nissan vehicles you can purchase in 2023 for less than N1,000,000 (one million naira).

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You’re curious about the size of your pocket. How am I going to buy this car? Actually, you cannot. Don’t be fooled; anyone trying to trick you into thinking you can buy a 2018 Lexus RX350 with N3,000,000 is merely out to get you. Another instance of what I ordered vs. what I received would occur, and you and others would only be able to blame you for your ignorance. 

So what do you do? You buy a Nissan car that will last you for many years. You stick to a budget that can serve you for less than a million because you are aware that your budget is not currently in the works. You might be asking yourself, “Where can I find such?” or “Would the car even have been working?”

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Our response is, and yes, the car would have been in good working order. View the cheapest Nissan vehicles on our website for less than N1,000,000.

Nissan’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and a positive customer experience has been demonstrated time and time again. It has demonstrated this dedication to the sexiness and opulence of its products, and it keeps producing amazing automobiles that cater to consumers’ wants.

Nissan vehicles are typically inexpensive. Here are the top 9 Nissan vehicles that you can purchase for one million naira, speaking about affordability but first why are they so cheap. 

Why are Nissans So Cheap To Buy?

Even though they’re well-made, Nissans are some of the cheapest cars on the market. Looking at a Nissan’s price tag, you’ll probably feel as if it should cost more.

This begs the question, why are Nissans so cheap? We did a little digging on why Nissan cars are relatively cheap.

  • CVT Transmissions

A smooth-sailing car is what everyone is looking for. This was the main selling point behind the continuously variable transmission (CVT) in Nissans.

That said, the cost-cutting measures the company took severely compromised the reliability of their vehicles.

For example, their CVT doesn’t have a separate cooling loop, so it frequently overheats, which can cause trouble for the driver.

  • Using Plastic Materials

Nissan uses cheap materials during the manufacturing process, which explains why their cars cost so little. Plastic is used in the manufacture of the car’s exterior body. Consequently, the reliability of Nissan vehicles has also decreased due to the material making them lightweight and more susceptible to damage during an accident. In comparison to steel or aluminium, plastic has a shorter lifespan and less durability. Also, they are easily scratched and bent from any road obstacles you may encounter, making them less reliable in terms of durability.

  • Marketing Old-Technology 

Usually, when you’re buying a car, you go for the new one with modern technological features. Nissan kind of went in the opposite direction!

Nissan has introduced a new concept in their cars that involves shielded armrest compartments for mobile phones.

These compartments block WiFi, Bluetooth, and cellular signals while you’re driving. The brand marketed this new concept as a way to detox from the digital world. The good intentions of the driver are crucial to the success of this concept, though. If they don’t want their phone to distract them while driving, they can simply put it in the glove box or turn it off.

Additionally, you can simply open their compartment and take the phone out. Technically, you can simply put your phone in aeroplane mode without switching it off and achieve the same result.

  • Nissan Isn’t A Luxury Brand

Almost everybody needs a car for their comfort and practicality in life. Sadly, cars are expensive, which makes people hesitant to buy them. Nissan came into the scene with a mission to make cars attainable for just about everyone. The brand aims at greater affordability for its customers. Their goal is to make Nissan cars more affordable and to increase their market value

 Top 9 Cheapest Nissan Cars For less Than N1,000,000 

2003 Nissan Maxima 3.5 S – N700,000

2003 nissan maxima
2003 Nissan maxima

This vehicle has a sporty, extremely strong V6 engine and has enough space for up to five adults. People who seek a V6 sedan have made it their go-to vehicle because of its many standard amenities.

It performs with vigour and is dependable. The Maxima scores highly on safety thanks to its dual-stage front airbags, ABS-equipped brakes, and other safety features.

1997 Nissan Micra 1.2  – N980,000

1997 Nissan Micra
1997 Nissan Micra

There is nothing like the greatest wine, so don’t let getting older make you less vibrant. if you have access to a skilled mechanic. Choosing a GNIS automobile is simple because it will fit your budget. Reliability is Nissan Micra’s middle name. The small wheels that are a signature feature of all Micra vehicles give them a deceptive charm. The 1.2-litre petrol engine gets good fuel economy because it doesn’t have to move a lot of weight.

2005 Nissan Murano – N860,000

2005 Nissan Murano
2005 Nissan Murano

The Murano offers excellent driving and handling, a smooth powertrain, and amazing ride stability. Its seats are extremely comfortable, and the vehicle is a performance marvel. The Murano, however, performs with a wonderful passion and is known for its handling. It maintains an amazing flatness across curves and corners flawlessly.

2006 Nissan Pathfinder – N900,000

nissan pathfinder 2006
Nissan pathfinder 2006

The Nissan Pathfinder performs and manoeuvres quite well off-road. It is a sports utility vehicle with three rows of seats and a 4.0-litre V6 engine.

The Pathfinder sports a body-on-frame design and a completely independent double-wishbone suspension. For comfort, dependability, outward appearance, and interior design, it receives great ratings. The Pathfinder is a beloved Nigerian automobile, and this Nissan vehicle is one that you would unquestionably enjoy for many years at a time.

2004 Nissan Primera – N700,000

2004 Nissan Primera
2004 Nissan Primera

Many automotive enthusiasts are still captivated by the Nissan Primera, a wonderful vehicle. Its unique attractiveness makes it a fantastic option for family rides. It is a straightforward but elegant vehicle that may meet all of your transportation needs.

The Primera is dependable, swift, and reasonably priced. When you get this Nissan car for less than N1,000,000, you should anticipate getting the best value possible given how unpopular it is currently in the market.

2005 Nissan Pathfinder SE – N850,000

2005 Nissan Pathfinder SE
2005 Nissan Pathfinder SE

One of the first compact sport utility vehicles was the Nissan Pathfinder. Comfort is one of the main advantages of purchasing a Pathfinder.

The Pathfinder has a large cabin and is quite adaptable; the 60/40 split rear seat has flip-and-flop cushions.

Along with superb safety features, the 2003 Nissan Pathfinder boasts standard anti-lock brakes, side airbags, child safety locks, and specific body-size reinforcement.

2006 Nissan X-Trail – N980,000

2006 Nissan X-Trail
2006 Nissan X-Trail

Nissan is making its entry into the group of small sport-utility vehicles with this model. The rational yet unique layout of the cabin is easily accessible because of the X-Low Trail’s riding height. The seat in the back is comfortable and resembles a bench.

Additionally, it has features like backrests that recline and a ski pass-through that is concealed beneath the centre armrest. The car is balanced good thanks to the compliant suspension, especially on highways known for their abundance of potholes.

2005 Nissan Maxima – N800,000

2005 nissan maxima
2005 nissan maxima

Because of its practicality, affordability, and dynamic edge, the 2005 Nissan Maxima was once compared to a Japanese BMW. The Maxima has grown in size throughout time, evolving into a larger-than-midsize rival to sedans and a close competitor to luxury vehicles. The Nissan Maxima has a good amount of passenger space.

2006 Nissan Altima – N650,000

2006 Nissan Altima
2006 Nissan Altima

The Nissan Altima is a large, functional, and comfortable mid-size sedan. It boasts a powerful engine, sporty handling, and an expressive style. The Nissan Maxima is one of the roomiest automobiles in its class and has a powerful wheelbase and horsepower. Additionally, it has excellent acceleration.

Should I Buy Nissan Cheap Cars

It depends on your personal preferences and needs. You should research the specific model of the Nissan car you are interested in and consider factors such as fuel efficiency, reliability, and overall cost of ownership. Additionally, it’s also important to test drive the car and have a mechanic inspect it before making a purchase.


Buying a Nissan car is one of the best automotive decisions you can earn make if you are out for a reliable and affordable car. This shows that you don’t necessarily have to break the bank before you become a car owner.

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