Toyota has always been one of the top-selling companies in Nigeria, so it’s no wonder why they released an auto-ground SUV crossover similar to the one requested beforehand.

What types of Toyota RAV4 models are good so I can buy the most dependable one?

Originally released in 1994 and progressing through its 5th generation, the Toyota RAV4 is a 4-cylinder machine-powered compact, five-seater auto, available in standard and cold-blooded modes.

This line-up of cars and models has given its rivals, such as the Ford Escape and Honda CRV, a run for their money and proved just how tenacious Toyota is to furnish good-quality cars. 

Throughout the 28 years of the RAV4, these are the stylish and worst times for the Toyota RAV4. Now that I’ve informed you about the stylish best years of this car, let’s see why you should a Toyota RAV4 

Why Should I Buy A Toyota RAV4 

  • Contemporary, Rugged Styling

Although it’s the stylish seller in the lineup, the Toyota RAV4 stands out from the mundane cubical mileage vehicles. The recent RAV4s hit different high notes and have become more angular, giving them a more ultramodern and rugged vibe. Taking some design cues from the  4Runner, the RAV4 features slim windows and a swish low roofline. Also, the angular headlights, paired with the LED Day Running Lights and LED taillights, add to the vehicle’s delightfully ultramodern design.

  • Loads of High-Tech Features

To the delight of everyone outside, the RAV4 offers a plenitude of high-tech in-car entertainment features, especially as you go up the trim levels. The lower-end models come with a standard 7-inch touchscreen with loads of connectivity support, including Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Bluetooth, Amazon Alexa, and SiriusXM. Meanwhile, the TRD Off-Road, Hybrid XSE, and Limited models have an upgraded 9-inch unit.

2016 Toyota RAV4

Foreign Used 2016 Toyota RAV4 limited
Foreign Used 2016 Toyota RAV4 Limited

Midway through its fourth generation, Toyota decided to release its most stylish model yet, the 2016 Toyota RAV4, which has stood above the rest of the other models, indeed the newer and more recent ones, simply because it displayed minimum complaints, indeed by the NHTSA, and ultramodern and upgraded features, especially in respects to safety and overall trustability.

The 2016 RAV4 offered quieter innards, made possible by the new sound-deadening accoutrements used to make the automatic, and did so with the option to be bought in the normal or cold-blooded powertrain.

This mongrel system was veritably well integrated, as there was no intrusion into the weight system. The model featured new frontal styling that was well-received by shoppers and guests.

2009 Toyota RAV4

Nigerian Used 2009 Toyota RAV4
Nigerian Used 2009 Toyota RAV4

Another great model produced in the middle of its generation, this time in the 3rd generation, the 2009 Toyota RAV4 was yet another solid product with minimal downsides.

The vehicle had a V6 engine as its core, which could be replaced with a 4-cylinder engine. With either choice, you were sure to get a solid sense of energy frugality. The auto itself had manageable confines, which helped in its overall project. The model also came with colourful safety features and customizable features similar to the option between AWD and FWD and a 5- to 7-seat capacity.

2017 Toyota RAV4

Tokunbo 2017 Toyota RAV4 [Limited]
Tokunbo 2017 Toyota RAV4 [Limited]

Following the fashionability of the 2016 RAV4, Toyota, for some reason, decided not to rush effects and take them slowly.

Packed with the same features as its former model, the 2017 Toyota RAV4 came with a voluntary drivetrain that was just as nicely integrated as the former model, a swish front end, and a bird’s eye view camera system. This was a product analogous to the former model, which isn’t bad since the 2016 model is regarded as the stylish RAV4 on the request.

2010 Toyota RAV4

Foreign used 2010 Toyota rav4
Foreign-used 2010 Toyota rav4

Toyota seems to have put thickness first with the series, as there seems to be a trend that whenever Toyota releases a greatly improved RAV4, they try to apply the same formula with the new model. The same thing is done then with the 2010 Toyota RAV4, which it tries to follow its predecessor’s steps.

There are options between a 4-cylinder and a V6 engine, AWD and FWD, 5 and 7-seat capacities, a good safety outfit, energy frugality, a project, and manageable confines. With such a good option and point list, no wonder they’d try to do it again.

2018 Toyota RAV4

With their 4th generation eventually coming to a close, Toyota decided to debut the 2018 Toyota RAV4 before departing for a new generation.

The 2018 RAV4 is a veritably dependable ultramodern-day model released by Toyota, which has a good safety score and smooth driving all around.

The vehicle contains two rows of good and ample seats and has one of the largest weight capacities in its class. It has numerous standard collision-avoidance features and colourful safety features, making it a solid auto overall and a great addition to this list.

2011 Toyota RAV4

Foreign used 2018 Toyota Rav 4 Premium Edition
Foreign-used 2018 Toyota Rav 4 Premium Edition

The alternate last of the 3rd generation RAV4, the 2011 Toyota RAV4, is another great model for what was overall a solid generation of products for Toyota.

The 2011 RAV4 featured great energy frugality and came with a variety of options for the driver, who could choose the auto’s seating options, drive system, and machine. With any choice, you would be getting a veritably nice-running and manoeuvrable auto with a lot of safety equipment to keep the motorist and passengers secure while maintaining a smooth lift.


Overall, the Toyota RAV4 is a great SUV option if you’re buying used. Like numerous Toyota models, it’s veritably dependable and tends to last a long time with proper care. Still, there are some times you should avoid buying. However, it’s smart to steer clear of that problem before it occurs if an SUV is known for having major mechanical issues.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is the Toyota RAV4 a good car to buy in Nigeria?

The RAV4 is an excellent SUV. It has a plenitude of introductory safety technology, comfortable seats for grownups in the first two rows, and decent interior accoutrements. The auto’s important, energy-effective V6 machine, balanced running, and comfortable lift also makes for a great driving experience.

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