One of the toughest tasks you may encounter in your quest to become a Nigerian car owner is determining the price of a car at the dealership. This is due to the fact that purchasing an automobile is an expensive commitment, and you do not want to fail at it. At this stage, even the smallest error on your side could result in the dealer earning an incredible bonus for himself.

Therefore, it’s crucial to go into the vehicle dealership armed with all the knowledge that will serve your interests. These pricing errors at the car dealership are to be avoided. Automobile dealerships are notorious for driving up prices on their consumers, so if you aren’t careful, their friendliness could wind up hurting your finances badly because you mistakenly think they are helping you.

Not Doing Car Research

You must arm yourself with a plethora of information on the variety of possibilities available to you if you want to enjoy a fruitful negotiation at the vehicle dealership. Never visit a dealership without having a clear idea of what you want. If you do this, the dealer will sell you whatever they feel like. It is crucial that you prepare yourself with knowledge about the most recent pricing trends. 

Use the Price Tool, which provides the most recent Tokunbo and used car prices, to quickly learn the cost of vehicles listed for sale in Nigeria. Make sure to conduct the necessary research because, otherwise, you’ll be baffled by the cost when you visit the car store.

Not Being Aware of the Invoice Price

In-depth preparation for the negotiation process is essential for securing a decent deal at the dealership. In order to do this, the manufacturer’s suggested retail price sometimes referred to as the sticker price or the invoice price, must be ascertained. Although cars are rarely sold at the sticker price, the list price gives you a starting point for your negotiation. Typically, you can buy an automobile for less than the invoice value rather than the suggested retail price set by the manufacturer. Your negotiating position when pricing at the dealership is better the more you understand the invoice price.

Ignoring or not having a budget

On the automobile lot, it is easy to neglect your car budget. A vehicle dealer could get you to spend more money than you can afford by displaying those flashy cars to you. You don’t want to go hungry by making a move for a car that is worth N4 million just because the auto salesperson persuaded you that it is a more contemporary model if you can only afford one that costs N2 million.

You can determine what you can afford if you have a budget. Therefore, having a budget and adhering to it throughout the price phase is a good rule for succeeding at the vehicle dealership.

Not figuring out the value of the trade-in

Many automobile buyers find it convenient to drive their old vehicle to the dealer and then pick up their new vehicle. But if you want to trade in your automobile, it’s best to do some research on its value before bringing it to the dealership. This will stop the dealer from underpricing. After lengthy discussions about the cost of the new car, the trade-in option should be discussed.

Refusing to walk away 

No vehicle is too nice to pass up if the price is out of your price range. The strongest tool you have in your arsenal for haggling with the dealer is to turn around and leave. Don’t be hesitant to employ it.

Dealers have a lot of phrases to trick customers into accepting offers that do not meet their expectations or budget. “This deal is only good today” or “for the next 24 hours” is a popular trick by dealers to force you into making up your mind and bending to their wishes. 

Don’t hesitate to walk away when the negotiation isn’t going in your favour or you feel suspicious. Once you are emotionally invested in the car and you have promised your wife and kids at home that a new ride is coming home, this can be difficult to pull off. But it could save you some money in the long run. Most dealers will call you in a day or two, flashing a new and better deal in your face.


You may find the process of negotiating a car price at the dealership to be so stressful that you just want it to be over. However, if you want to spend your hard-earned money wisely, this isn’t necessary. Along with the blunders mentioned above, it is best to seriously consider your payment alternatives if you plan to shop for a car with a car loan. This is done to avoid future financial complexities that are not essential.

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