Have you ever wondered what cars billionaires drive? Then ponder no more, because we have the right answer for you. 

Like everyone else, billionaires love to follow trends, and most importantly, celebrity trends. Both local and foreign celebrities are widely known to show off their newly purchased cars on social media. From Davido buying a brand new Bentley to Wizkid shipping in seven different luxury cars to even the Skitmakers buying their share of G-Wagons and BMWs, One would have to wonder where billionaires fit into this ostentatious lifestyle that celebrities seem to set. 

Billionaires are not billionaires for nothing. meaning that they would be rolling in an unfathomable amount of money that one can’t even imagine. From Femi Otedola and Aliku Dangote to the richest man himself, Elon Musk, we have to wonder what cars they drive. If you notice that billionaires seem to live private lives, what this means is that they don’t usually flaunt their wealth on social media like the average celebrity. Their wealth is what should be called “on the low,” as it is not accessible to public scrutiny. Although we have cases of Femi Otedola buying luxurious cars for his daughters, such instances are rare. Or have you ever heard of Bill Gates buying a luxurious Audi? Apart from Elon Musk advertising his Tesla and the issue with his private jet, you rarely see billionaires on social media flaunting their very expensive cars. So what cars do you think they drive?

Toyota cars are hot commodities for the average driver, but do you really expect billionaires to drive one? Well, this would be based on personal preference, but without a doubt, their garage would be full of the most ostentatious cars you could ever imagine. But, you would be surprised to see that billionaires drive everyday cars like any other driver. Honda, Ford, and Lexus are quite popular among them, so don’t expect Lamborghinis and Bentleys at every turn. 

So imagine if you won the lottery and became a billionaire overnight. What car would you drive? Well, you might want to read this blog to find out the top 5 cars that billionaires in Nigeria are driving.

We cannot begin anything without putting a tag on this car. Do you know why? Because its popularity among both Nigerian celebrities and billionaires is out of this world. You should use a G-Wagon as some type of passage into rites, a passage into wealth, and who is more bestowed with this wealth than billionaires? This car earns more popularity than the yet-to-be-driven Tesla, probably more than any other car. A G-Wagon is in a class of its own, and billionaires use them as daily drivers, making it a flagship among them.

With a price tag of over N70 million for the 2022 model, you say this car is not a common change. You should expect to see this car in one of the richest women in Africa’s garage, Folonrunsho Alakija. It comes as no surprise that this boxy car was also grabbed by the popular celebrities E-Money and Tony Elumelu. Not only that, it has become a favourite for Obas all around Nigeria to use as their official cars. Buy a G-Wagon now to be in the class of world-class billionaires. 

  • Toyota Hilux 

We are sure you weren’t expecting a Toyota to be on this list, even though it is a Hilux. Most people don’t associate a Toyota with being driven by a billionaire but take it from Mark Zuckerberg, it is. The Hilux deserves to be on this list because it serves as one of the official escort cars for most Senators and Governors, making the already formidable car heavily armoured for protection. So why won’t we expect a billionaire to drive this car? Mostly used for security details, you should expect to see the likes of Dangote pulling up in a Toyota Hilux for some official events. 

  • Rolls Royce

The Rolls Royce is one favourite, apart from the G-Wagon, that you should always expect to see billionaires drive not only in Nigeria but around the world. We have to wonder what this car possesses that is not easily obtained in other luxurious cars. We can say setting trends is one factor. We know billionaires such as Coscharis can wake up one morning and buy a whole fleet of Rolls Royce if they wanted to.

But, this car has become a celebrity favourite that even the beloved Range Rover Velar cannot even beat. We can admit that Femi Otefila is a car enthusiast because he has this car in his fleet, and this is one of the escort cars of Jimoh Ibrahim. A favourite of Davido and other popular celebrities, the Rolls Royce has earned a top spot in our hearts.  

  • Bentley Bentayga

The popularity of this car has risen in recent months, having been purchased by the Omo Baba Olowonhimself, Davido, and also gifted to Buju as the winner of the next-rated Headies award. Shouldn’t we expect it to be driven by billionaires? The self-proclaimed blogger and billionaire Linda Ikeji are the proud owner of this car. 

  • Maybach 57S

The Maybach had its reign among national and international celebrities before and after the pandemic period. Ray Huspuppu was one of the notable people to gift himself this car at the time.

With a price tag of over N50,000,000, we can understand why this car will be driven by the richest man in Africa himself, Dangote. It exudes elegance and luxury just from a peep at the exterior, and not even looking at the interior will cause heart palpitations because of its beauty. 


These are the cars most often driven by billionaires. You should also expect to see the Porsche 911, Lamborghini Urus, and Audi 7 among their fleet, but don’t be surprised to see a couple of Hondas or even a Nissan as part of their fleet; even billionaires love everyday cars.

If you want to get the shock of a lifetime, try converting the car prices of these cars from dollars to naira, and you will know the saying “There is money and there is money!” If you become a billionaire overnight, what will you be buying?

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