Choosing the perfect car in every way is extremely difficult. It can be pretty damn good-looking but break down all the time, or it can look pretty plain, but be awesome in a technical sense. So it’s easier, it seems to us, to find all this wonder at an affordable price all at once, to take and 22Bet and hit the jackpot. 

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Today we will talk about the worthiest representatives, which are not only perfectly equipped technically, but also beautiful looking.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

A sharp grill in the form of the Alfa Romeo shield may not be for everyone, but Giulia looks very good with it. Yes, and the rest of the car is really great. This sports sedan has perfect proportions, with a long hood and cabin shifted back to the rear wheels, and the surface of the body and the details are uniquely elegant. And all the “Julia” is equally beautiful; Alfa Romeo does not spoil the basic models and does not leave the best options for excellent high-performance Giulia Quadrifoglio. We think that the more modest front and rear bumpers of the basic Giulia, the lack of side ventilation holes, and the additional chrome finish really add an attractive design.

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Audi RS6 AVANT / RS7

The latest cars of Audi RS with the V8 engine offer a magnificent German design. RS6 Avant and RS7 have wider wings and less ground clearance, which gives them an aggressive, but elegant road view. RS6 Avant – the welcome rival Mercedes-AMG E63S on the top of the tiny market of US universal market. As elegant and, perhaps, even more, sinister is RS7, in which the long roof is replaced by a low-end line and a more streamlined silhouette.

Aston Martin DBS Superleggera

If any automaker knows how to make a beautiful car is Aston Martin. DBS Superleggera is the new brand model and the best expression of the current design language. Although it is based on DB11, the DBS body is unique, with the exception of the roof. The design of the radiator lattice, resembling a whale shark, for some reason is not too large, its gaping opening reminds of the old Astons, and the square rear, the short front sink, and wide wings give it excellent proportions.

Polestar 1

The Polestar brand is concentrated not only on performance but also on design. The company’s first attempt, Polestar 1, has a fleeting similarity with the high-class Ford Mustang, but with a cleaner simplicity of lines. This, of course, another thing is to see the VOLVO design language used in a similar flagship coupe, but damn it, it looks too good.

Bugatti Chiron

Bugatti Chiron, the successor of the cult high-speed model VEYRON is much more beautiful than its predecessor. The design is more aggressive, with enlarged air intakes and deflectors. The entire rear part is almost one large grille with the rear headlamps inserted into its surface. A C-shaped line prevails on each side of the car, which envelopes the door and visually divides the body into two separate parts. All this is very purposeful and dramatic. And incredibly beautiful.

Ford GT

Ford has updated its GT supercar in 2020, and together with it, a body version of the entire carbon fibre appeared. It is expensive compared to the basic price of the GT. No matter how severe is the appearance of the carbon, we would choose the updated and modernized Ford GT livery from Gulf Racing Heritage, released simultaneously.

Porsche Taycan

Perhaps the most beautiful electric vehicle today, Porsche Taycan instils hope for aesthetes to the future of electric mobility. Like Panamera, Taycan has four doors, but he has a trunk instead of Luke, and it looks as if the 911th was melted and stretched. Even the recently streamlined Panamera seems to be balanced compared to it. Taycan borrowed its design directly from the concept of Mission E. Smooth bends and low rack create an excellent combination. If all the electric cars were like Taycan, this world would be much better.

Lexus LC.

Lexus LC has a classic proportion of Grand Tourer LC. It is decorated with a spectacular lattice in the form of an hourglass, squinting headlights, impressively wide and muscular rear wings, and a roof that seems soaring due to darkened C-racks. In the design of Lexus, there is no minimalism, but we think that his science fiction details make a car even more beautiful. In 2021, Lexus will add a convertible to the model range, and it looks no less awesome than the coupe.

Mazda 3

Mazda 3 of the previous generation was already one of our favourite models on the market, but the new Mazda 3 is even better. Keep in mind that this is a car with complex body panels, the form of which allows you to use the light in your own interests. Folding and body lines are minimized. Akuliy Nose 3 is surprisingly well combined with a curved sedan roofline and a beautifully decorated trunk.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Sedan

In accordance with its history, the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedan remains smooth and sophisticated, but the bright elements of the style better determine the origin of the model – at the same time, it retains its position as the top of the new brand technologies.

Outside, the new S-class looks much more sporting than its predecessor, as if all the extra sheet metal was removed from it and tightly pressed to pronounced lines passing through the entire length of the hood and body panels. Inside the transformation is even more noticeable: two large screens are a dashboard and an infotainment system, and most of the cabin is appropriately covered with leather and wooden trim.

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