Many Nigerian drivers have become frustrated because of the varying degrees of damage mechanics have done to their cars. A common report amongst car owners is that: it’s as though their car got worse after they allowed a Nigerian mechanic to touch it. For instance, if you stop by a mechanic’s shop to repair a faulty fuel filter today, one week later, you might find out that your car’s AC is malfunctioning.

These kinds of complaints have made it necessary that you are meticulous about choosing your car mechanic. It’s a given that cars are expensive, especially in Nigeria where the naira-dollar exchange rate affects almost everything, especially car price. Therefore, you don’t want to be found spending unnecessarily on car repairs because you have an incompetent mechanic. In this article, Carmart Nigeria is here to help you. Read on to find tips on how to find and choose a good car mechanic in Nigeria:


In Nigeria, most car owners tend to depend on roadside mechanics to repair their cars. Not every part of Nigeria is developed, you would agree with me that there are still lots of local or undeveloped areas in Nigeria. Yet, people in these areas have cars, and it’s normal for cars to need repair or maintenance at any particular time. Asking for referrals is one of the most reliable ways to find and choose a mechanic in Nigeria. Remember, you are not the first person to use a car nor to need a mechanic. So, the chances are high that someone close to you knows a good mechanic around. It could be your neighbour, your colleague at work or even a friend. You could even just ask folks near you if they can recommend any good mechanic that you go to for your car repairs and maintenance. When you ask people to recommend mechanics for you, these are important questions you need to ask;

  • Ask if the mechanic has a specific car brand or model he works best with. 
  • Ask about his/her competency. This is where you get to ask whosoever is giving you the recommendation how his/her experience has been with the mechanic.
  • Ask if the mechanic is trustworthy and reliable. You don’t want a mechanic that will steal things from your car or won’t be true to his words.
  • Also, ask about the mechanic’s charges. It’s best you ask so that the mechanic won’t be inflating prices for you unnecessarily.
  • Ask about the mechanic’s location and contact details. 

Be Deliberate About Mechanic Search In Your Area

When it comes to finding a good mechanic, you have to be deliberate and intentional about it. You should consider scouting your area for good mechanics close to you. These are important things to bear in mind when searching for mechanics in your vicinity:

  • Observe mechanics workshops in your area. Check out the number of cars available in the workshop and, possibly the brands available. This could give you a clue that the mechanic has some experience and your car won’t be the first he/she is working on.
  • You could engage the mechanic in a conversation. If the mechanic tells you he can work on all car brands and solve any form of car issue, that could be a bad sign. This is because, most times expertise requires specialization. It is rare to find a mechanic that does a great job on all car brands and solves all car problems. In fact, there are certain problems that only the service center of the manufacturer can rectify. 
  • Observe the different mechanics work environment in your vicinity. Are they spacious enough? Do they have the right tools? 
  • You might also want to consider if the mechanic has other employees or apprentices working with him. This could give you a clue that work will be done faster.

Locate Service Centers Near You

Automobile companies tend to have their designated service centres located in several parts of the country. These service centres are often located in major cities like Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt etc. If you live in any of these areas, you should try searching if your car brand has a service centre near you. This would be the best place for you to repair and maintain your vehicle because your car is in good hands. For example, Toyota, a popular car brand in Nigeria has various designated service centres located in various parts of Nigeria. 

Qualities Of A Good Mechanic

Good mechanics have qualities that differentiate them from bad ones. Here are the qualities to look out for in a good mechanic:

  • A good mechanic should have up-to-date technology on car repairs and maintenance.
  • A good mechanic needs to be sincere, and should be able to say when he/she can’t handle a car model or problem.
  • A good mechanic should have a good work environment and have the necessary work tools. 
  • A good mechanic ought to know where to get original spare parts for his or her car. 
  • A good mechanic should possess good customer service skills.
  • A good mechanic should have a good work ethic and be competent in what he does. 
  • A good mechanic should be efficient and time-conscious.


With these tips above, it should not be too hard for you to get a good mechanic for your vehicle in Nigeria. 

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