In the current state, the US department of justice revealed to Nigerians what Ex-Minister for Petroleum Resources Diezani Allison Madueke used over $100 million fraud money for. 

The statement indicated that by laundering over $100 million, the former Minister purchased various assets through shell companies, luxury real estate in California and New York, the Galactica Star, a 65-meter superyacht.

Several court rulings in Nigeria have ruled for her arrest. However, the former minister fled from Nigeria in 2021 and moved to the UK after she heard she was being charged with corruption and money laundering. 

Through her involvement in money laundering schemes, she equally acquired cars like the Mercedes Benz G 63 worth ₦‎52 million, Bentley Flying Spur worth ₦‎76 million, Toyota Highlander worth ₦‎16.6 million, Toyota Land Cruiser worth ₦‎31.9 million, and many other houses across the globe. 

Some of them include a multi-million mansion in London, a multi-million mansion in Banana Island, Lagos, a multi-million mansion in Thurnburn street, Yaba Lagos, and many other properties.

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  1. Hmmm,Nigerian government,well she is not the first of stealing Nigerian money, it started with our first general leaders in the 60s,so all this presents leaders are only updating it,all this corruption didn’t start today,it started from our first leaders, and Nigerian people were comfortable with it,so it continued like that, so on,and so on,God Please Help Us All!!!!!……..

  2. ISABELLA Patrick Reply

    It depends on who’s going to arrest her!
    Is it the same set of people who have rendered the country useless that will stand to point accusing fingers of arrest??

    If its them, then they’re all Jokers!
    My pain is that when an average Nigerian in the streets steals food to eat and survive for the day, they’ll crucify him/her or throw the person in the prison and aboundon the fellow for years! She should have even shown mercy on this country and use the money to build hospitals or a refinary! Or better still elevate/empower about 100 youths!

    The truth remains… If they finally arrest her and retrieve those assets and properties from her, it will be cyphoned into another person’s pocket and before you know it somebody else has use the same stolen assets to enrich themselves!!!

    Its really crazy in this part of the world!!!
    For crying out Loud😭😭 what are you doing with all those cars you bought??? Are you really going to die one day and leave behind those properties? Or are you gonna live in this world forever?

    This is you been inhumane aswear!

    Its really hurt💔

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